Does The Pill Influence Women To Dump Nice Guys And Providers?

April 20, 2007

Tim Alexander is the filmmaker for Diary of a Tired Black Man. “Now It’s black men’s turn to exhale.” The film has a basic story. It follows the relationship of a successful brother as he tries to find a happy place to rest his heart. He is constantly challenged by the anger he finds in the black women he gets involved with. From his wife, whom he divorces to other women he tries to date. First-time filmmaker Tim Alexander, who enjoys being provocative, says there’s a disease out there that he calls the “angry black woman syndrome”. He says it must be identified, diagnosed and treated. Alexander believes African-American women who grew up in fatherless homes, hearing their aunts and grandmothers saying black men are no good – and hearing that opinion reinforced in the media – are now angry adult women. “They grow up, deal with the wrong men, finally meet the right guy and don’t know how to turn it off,” Alexander says. “They... See More Tour Details »

NY Times Puts Lipstick On A Pig

February 8, 2007

Brothers! One morning Sam “Mangina” Roberts of the New York Times dished out a huge pile of horse-hockey out of his rear. And news channels and papers sucked this up as if it was gospel. Brace yourself brothers! Mangina Roberts is guilty of making up numbers for the 2005 US Census data in his article “51% of Women Are Now Living Without Spouse” (no link given to this pile of dung – search the engine Google for it). Marc Rudov over at Men’s News Daily pounces on it in our defense: “The NYT’s new conclusion is that, on average, only 49 percent of American women are married and living with their spouses — a new low. Breaking it down by race, this 49 percent average is: 30 percent of black women, 49 percent of Hispanic women, 55 percent of non-Hispanic white women, and 60 percent of Asian women. The article (by The New York Times) goes on to say that, despite the picture for married women, 53 percent of men are married and living with their spouses.... See More Tour Details »

The Beautiful Bride Barbie Doll

December 21, 2006

It’s Christmas time and I found myself shopping at the local Toys R us for my 3 1/2 year old little girl. To my despair, I was subjected to 3 aisles of pure c**p. My pupils were being burned by the likes of dolls named “Bratz” and disturbing makeup kits that were “3 year old friendly”. As I stared at the mind numbing selection of various “Diva Packs” (make believe cell phones, lip glosses etc), I couldn’t help but think of Jon Benet Ramsey. The old doormat in me wanted to cry. I feared the make-believe life my daughter would live as a result of having grown up with these parasitic fem-toys. One toy that has sadly become an American institution is the Barbie. Right up there with those sick and twisted Disney films that numb a little girl into la-la land. As Khankrumthebulgar puts it, “Reality cannot live up to cartoons. Women are trained to find a man with motivation from the beginning, starting with Disney classics like Cinderella... See More Tour Details »

Marriage belongs on the junk heap

September 19, 2006

Marriage belongs on the junk heap of human folly says Laura Kipnis. Finally a book lambasting marriage is out and written by a woman! Laura Kipnis has written a brilliant book, Hopefully men everywhere will read this. The article from MSN’s Slate, in a piece titled “Beware the marriage trap” Meghan O’Rourke looks at the book, Against Love: A Polemic, by Laura Kipnis. The book’s message says, “matrimony is equal-opportunity oppressor.” “Marriage, she suggests, belongs on the junk heap of human folly. It is an equal-opportunity oppressor, trapping men and women in a life of drudgery, emotional anesthesia, and a tug-of-war struggle to balance vastly different needs. O’Rourke says THE NUMBERS seem to back up her thesis: Modern marriage doesn’t work for the majority of people. The [tag]rate of divorce[/tag] has roughly doubled since the 1960s. Half of all marriages end in divorce. And as sketchy as poll data can be, a recent Rutgers... See More Tour Details »