The Perfect Valentine’s Day for HIM!

February 7, 2008

Brothers, Valentine’s Day is almost here in the USA and our stomachs along with our wallets, are tightening up as usual. Here’s some thought on how our brothers in Asia are spending their day, according to wikipedia. Thanks to a concentrated marketing effort, Valentine’s Day has emerged in Japan and Korea as a day on which women, and less commonly men, give candy, chocolate or flowers. It has become an obligation for many women to give chocolates to all male co-workers. In Japan this is known as giri-choko (義理チョコ), from the words giri (“obligation”) and choko, (“chocolate”). This contrasts with honmei-choko (本命チョコ); chocolate given to a loved one. Friends, especially girls, may exchange chocolate referred to as tomo-choko (友チョコ); from tomo meaning “friend”. Here’s how our favorite gems of the female gender will more than likely spend their Valentine’s Day: 8:15 Wakeup to hugs and kisses from... See More Tour Details »

Boycott Valentine’s Day!

February 5, 2007

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to leave your miserable wife or gold-digging girlfriend. Take your uncompatible nightmare out for dinner and ask her for a divorce (and to also pickup the dinner check too!). While all the doormats are handing over diamonds at the tables next to you, you can feel proud that you are on your way to a long fulfilling life of no stress and immense personal wealth. My brothers over at the Don’t Get Married Forum are buzzing as expected this fine Valentine’s Day. Brother systems1082 gives some keen insight to those who may be happy with their wives or girlfriends and are thinking of buying their sweeties a Valentine’s Day gift. “Valentines day is approaching and I wonder how many men are anticipating a rolex or a platinum bracelet from his wife or girlfriend. I counted over 53 different tv, radio and newspaper ads during Christmas and closer to 75 during Valentines Day. The ties, the flower or cards are nice but do they compare... See More Tour Details »

Gene Simmons on Double Standards And Hypocrisy

January 18, 2007

Gene Simmons of the rock band KISS, asks that men fully think about marriage instead of leaping into the dark. What one person does is up to them but he urges people to really understand the financial ramifications of what they are getting into. “Let’s face it, just because I stick out my tongue a lot and spit fire doesn’t mean I have any qualifications to advise anyone on relationship, money or career issues. I don’t. Yet I’ve lived with a beautiful woman for twenty years with never a cross word between us, in a relationship based on honesty and full disclosure. I’ve amassed a fortune-and `expert business people’ work for me. And for three decades I’ve been in KISS- a band that has scaled the heights and broken every possible record, from album sales to touring to merchandising and licensing.” [Gene Simmons Front Cover] This is good advice from a good book. The Staff here at are tickled pink to be reading it. We... See More Tour Details »

The Smartest Man In Britain Today

December 7, 2006

The smartest man in Britain today, hands down is one 30-year-old Duncan Idaho. Duncan is known as the “eternal bachelor” and a current participant in the marriage strike. Duncan has created an amazing blog that is uniting men and educating them on how to avoid the signing of the contract that damns these foolish boys to a life of eternal hell; never becoming the man they truly could be. Duncan’s blog does an amazing job at educating these guys who may be thinking of condemning themselves and truly alerts them about the lurking feminists who are nothing but a “bunch of whining hypocrites who damn well need a big collective punch in their hairy f**king faces,” as he so eloquently exclaims. The staff here at had the privilege of spending a virtual day with the intelligent and witty Duncan courtesy of his amazing blog. Duncan’s blog begins with, “Thanks to going to bed at 5:30AM after a relaxing night of surfing the Internet and... See More Tour Details »

Afraid to Commit: Smart Young Men Want to Wait on Marriage

November 23, 2006

So the smart men of the world want kids, houses and lots of nookie. And they want women also; but not with marriage. Not until they’ve aged a bit. So says the latest study to probe the minds of America’s smart young men, aged 25 to 33. The study found 10 reasons why men won’t commit. Reasons ranging from the ease of finding s*x partners to the desire to avoid financial risks of divorce. The authors of the study, called The State of Our Unions, said they were puzzled by their findings, based on face-to-face group interviews with 60 heterosexual men in Chicago, Washington, D.C. New Jersey, and Houston. The majority of these men are employed full-time with reported annual incomes between $20,000 and $36,000. Most have had some college or hold a BA. None of the men were married; three had kids. The study also reached some additional conclusions. Among them: The men were highly critical of divorce. But they feel that couples should break up if they fall out of love, even... See More Tour Details »