One Is The Loneliest Number

October 4, 2007

As we come closer to ending the year 2007, it seems divorce is everywhere now. No one is immune to the legal headache of saying goodbye to what you thought was the love of your life. I don’t know about you, but when I think of happy people, I picture a couple holding hands and riding their unicycles together through a park; with the wind blowing through their hair – and The Turtles singing “Happy Together” emanating from their ipods. Yes brothers, I have some sad news to report. The wheels of divorce are turning ever so faster (pun intended) in the unicycle community as we speak. These happy-go-lucky gents that wave at us as they whiz by on the park sidewalks (leaving our kids giggling with amazement) are facing a ride to the dark end of the street. It’s not gonna be much fun going to the Circus and watching heartbroken and unfocused unicyclists dropping their juggling pins. Brothers, take some time today and visit the Unicyclist community forum and spread... See More Tour Details »

Divorce Self Defense 101

May 14, 2007

I am your instructor, Mr. Jensen. I am not a lawyer, consult one. Anything I say here may have its mileage vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. My qualifications are two divorces, one in which I did everything wrong and got reemed, and one in which I did everything right and came out with my skin relatively intact. Let’s start with the fundamentals. First. Decide right now if you want to be a winner or a loser. You are about to enter the Lion Pit. Get used to it, grow up and accept it. Any misconceptions you had about morality, right and wrong, and justice in the Justice System are bunk. All such things are absolutely irrelevant. Your sole concern is legal, and illegal. If it goes to a judge, you are not facing Solomon who will try to establish something fair. That is the job of a mediator. The judge will decide who is the winner, and who is the loser. If you don’t want to be a winner, take their offer right now, and get out of my class. I guarantee it will... See More Tour Details »

Dump The Chump: Why Do Women Divorce?

April 28, 2007

More wives than husbands are leaving what they call lifeless marriages in record numbers and filing for divorce. Many men say they never saw it coming according to Gail Rosenblum, of the Star Tribune (Source: Alicia Lahti knew that people viewed her 23-year marriage as happy. And why not? Her husband was “a wonderful man,” she said. Together they built a home and careers, traveled and raised two “brilliant kids,” now 17 and 21. So relatives and friends were shocked when, a year and a half ago, 46-year-old Lahti asked for a divorce. “I loved my husband, but I was not in love with him like you should be in love,” said Lahti of St. Louis Park. A growing number of women seem to be drawing the same conclusion. Although the first-time divorce rate has been declining since the 1970s, and now hovers just under 50 percent, there’s been an unmistakable increase in the percentage of midlife women like Lahti doing... See More Tour Details »

Are Stay At Home Mothers Killing American Men?

January 4, 2007

Are American women killing their husbands under the guise of being the stay at home mom? Marty Nemko’s site raises some interesting points. Here are some of the mined nuggets we discovered at Marty’s place. Many men live bleak lives: work 10+ hours, commute home, and drop into the couch exhausted. And their reward: an early grave. Despite obesity being more prevalent among women, there are five widows for every widower. Yet all we hear about is another fundraiser for breast cancer. A recent New York Times article reported that the number of stay-at-home moms has increased 13 percent in less than a decade, and among working women, 2/3 work part-time. This is true even of graduates of prestigious colleges, women who were bestowed a fiercely competed-for slot at an elite college on the assumption they would use that coveted degree to make a big difference in the world. Adding to the unfairness, women, on average, are more motivated than their husbands to have children to... See More Tour Details »

Double Standards, Hypocrisy And A Ball To The Head

December 28, 2006

So the week went by pretty quick and it was time for my Saturday baseball game. I was loaded up on Yoo-Hoo as usual and it was my turn at the plate. After a count of 2 b***s and 0 strikes, the pitch came in hard and fast and beaned me right in the head. I collapsed and it was goodnight for me. As I wandered the universe while my brain was trying to return to its rightful spot in my skull, I remembered an article by Thomas Simon on Men’s Daily; Double Standards: Ever Wonder Why? Mr. Simon listed many double standards about women and the hypocrisy that we men face daily. Ten in particular stood out to me while I was unconscious. 10: Why does women’s health get much more attention when men die about seven years younger than women? 9: Why are women without a job considered to be exercising free choice but men without a job considered a bum? 8: If divorced women have it worse than divorced men, why do divorced men commit suicide eight or ten times as much as divorced women? 7:... See More Tour Details »