25 Ways A Woman Can Please Her Man In Bed

January 9, 2007

If you’re looking to read the biggest pile of donkey c**p ever to splat on a blog, look at Fifty Mistakes Men Make When Having s*x. The writer seems to think that women are these delicate, naive, little flowers, devoid of all spontaneity and lust. This is a s*x guide written by Disney for 14-year-old girls. See More Tour Details »  Read More →

13 Ways A Wife Can Please Her Husband

November 29, 2006

Gentlemen, before you consider dumping your wives, it is very important that you give them one last chance to straighten up before you ship them out. We certainly do not want you to leave a bad impression with your soon to be ex-wife’s side of the family, nor do we want her friends to speak ill of you either. So how about some good advice from an obediant and respectful Christian lady named Annie Angel. Annie has listed over a dozen saving graces your wife could do, to win your good humor back. Simply visit her site and print her list and leave it for your wife on the dirty stove. Chances are when you return, not only will you have a clean stove, but you will enjoy a healthy resurrection of your marriage; and your friends here at will be nothing but a fond memory wishing you well at your second chance for happiness. To be a good wife ladies, Ms. Angel suggests that you awaken before your husband and make sure “you are showered and dressed with your hair... See More Tour Details »