American Woman Kills Marine Husband For New Set of Jubblies

February 1, 2007

In Austin Powers 2 The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999), Austin (Mike Myers) is fired upon by Vanessa, a Fembot with breasts camouflaging machine guns: Austin: “Machine gun jubblies! How did I miss those, baby?” Fembot: “Perhaps next time you should try foreplay.” As I get on in my years in life, a day doesn’t go by, when I don’t think about a woman’s jubblies. And every year that is added to my age, reflects how difficult it is to find a good American Woman (and one with a great set of jubblies). I can’t tell you how many times we receive emails asking us to not stereotype woman as being ALL bad. Emails reminding us that there are plenty of good American women out there for us men to sample. And no need for us to turn to foreign women. “ALL women are not good and innocent. Neither are all men. What many of you seem to have forgotten is that there are bad men, bad women, good men, and good women. You just have to find the good ones.” You... See More Tour Details »

Texas Mother Attacks Two Sons With Knife

January 25, 2007

Police say a man who pulled over to help a bleeding 10-year-old boy by the roadside likely saved another boy’s life by intervening in a mother’s knife attack on her son. Robert Villarreal, 46, was departing San Antonio for Eagle Pass on Tuesday for his job as a U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer when he saw the 10-year-old covered in blood. The boy told the man his mother was stabbing his brother inside a nearby house. Villarreal instructed another motorist to call authorities while he followed the boy to the house. Villarreal said he entered the home’s back door to find the woman holding the 12-year-old boy’s neck with one hand and clutching a knife and a fork in the other. The kitchen floor was splattered with blood. “She was hysterical,” Villarreal said. “She said she was going to kill the little boy. She had already stabbed his brother and she was going to kill him.” Villarreal managed to wrestle the woman to the ground, separate... See More Tour Details »

Mother Faces Attempted Murder And Abuse Charges

January 4, 2007

WINTER HAVEN (December 22, 2006) - A 32-year-old woman has been arrested on charges of first-degree attempted murder and child abuse after being accused of forcing her 10-month-old daughter to drink bleach. Liverine Cajuste told Winter Haven Police Department officers that she tried to kill herself and her daughter, Luciene Beawbrin, because she was depressed. Cajuste was arrested Dec. 13 after she was released from Winter Haven Hospital. She is being held at the Polk County Jail on $26,000 bail. Cajuste told officers that when she fed the bleach to Luciene, the child began to throw up. As of today, no serious harm was caused to the baby, according to the complaint affidavit filed by Winter Haven police. The incident took place Nov. 3, when Cajuste drank a cup of bleach in her apartment at 455 Ave. T N.E., according to the police report of the incident. The single mother then refilled the cup and forced her 10-month-old daughter to drink bleach, according to a police report. Her other daughter,... See More Tour Details »

Woman Charged With Malicious Castration

January 4, 2007

Sat Dec 30 2006: A woman attacked a man in his genitals during a Christmas party, injuring him badly enough that he needed 50 stitches, authorities said Friday. Rebecca Arnold Dawson, 34, was charged with malicious castration in a fight early Tuesday at a party hosted by the 38-year-old man’s girlfriend, police said. All three were heavily intoxicated, police Chief Frank Powers said. Dawson is accused of grabbing the man’s genitals. Police said a weapon was not used. He declined to elaborate. “I believe he needed more than 50 stitches to repair the damage, but he is back home at this point,” police Cpl. Brad Stevens said. “All we can tell you is that the injury was done with her hands.” Dawson does not have a listed phone number. State law describes malicious castration as cutting off, maiming or disfiguring a person’s genitals with the intent to hurt or render the victim impotent. Dawson, who was released Wednesday on $50,000 bond, also was charged... See More Tour Details »

Mothers who kill ‘are just like you and me’

December 7, 2006

Up there in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, there was another situation that occurred Sunday night where a 30-year-old mother threw her 4 year old child off a bridge onto a busy highway killing him, and then committed suicide herself by jumping down also. Both died from being run-over by unknowing passerby cars. A fellow brother named Kris on one of the Men’s forums has been following this story in great detail. “Last year a father did the same thing. He ultimately died, but his young son survived miraculously. In any case, the father in last years story was ‘fried’ in the newspapers for what he did, deservingly so we must add. In the case of this recent story with the mother committing the murder and her own suicide, the publics’ response has been supportive and SICKENING!!!! At no time did anyone either in the paper or on the television say anything disparaging or untowards about this wacko b***h!!!!!! Aside from saying she committed ‘murder’ before... See More Tour Details »