Sex, Lies & Equality

April 10, 2008

THE NEXT TIME YOU HAVE S*X IT MAY BE WITH SOMEONE ELSE’S WIFE… If the research team at The Ashley Madison Agency did their homework right – and their findings suggest they have – then thousands of North American women will now find it easier to do what they seem to be doing more often anyway: Secretly cheating on their mates. See More Tour Details »  Read More →

Why Do Men Cheat?

February 22, 2007

Why do men cheat? Why is it, their biological desires seem to go unfulfilled and lead them to divorce court in the end? Every man is different, but the consensus is that s*x driven men are being denied at home by their wives. The wives are using s*x as a reward to keep their men in check. For example, if men refuse to help around the house, they will be denied. Vanessa Lloyd Platt an attorney in the UK is amazed by how many women file for divorce right after the new year, in her post “Why we divorce lawyers are having a VERY happy New Year” for the Daily Mail she writes: “For as long as I’ve been a divorce lawyer – some 29 years – it has always been the same; the first working day after the Christmas break is the busiest of the year. It’s a bit like the stampede on the first day of the January sales, except we have customers queuing up round the block for divorces, not discounts. …In simple terms, it’s the fact that Christmas is one... See More Tour Details »