Become The Alpha Male

November 10, 2006

How awesome would it be if all a guy had to do to turn into an Alpha Male was to pop a pill and voila the next day he’d wake up full of confidence and power to be king of his jungle. Sadly, there is no pill, but that doesn’t mean you’re forgotten. The gang here at has put together a quick checklist for you. - Short on time: The Alpha man has places to go, people to see. He does not have 3 hours for phone calls. He does not have the time to wait on a woman more than 15 minutes when she’s late. He does not have more than a minute to wait for her to talk to someone else on call waiting. (I hang up on women that leave me dangling on call waiting or hold. If that other call is so important, they can call the other person back. When was the last time you really had an “emergency” phone call?) - Self-interested, first and foremost: This is not to be confused with selfish, or self-centered. It only means that the Alpha Man’s life and his fun come first. If he doesn’t... See More Tour Details »

10 Reasons Smart Men Won’t Commit

November 2, 2006

Reason 1: Smart Men have figured out how to get s*x without committing to marriage. These gifted intelligent beings have stated that meeting women is much easier now than meeting women in the past: They are meeting at bars and clubs, at the office, through pals, and on the Information super highway. Men don’t mind becoming friends with a woman before committing to a serious relationship. regards to casual encounters, that’s just too easy now for them. Reason 2: Smart men are now enjoying the benefits of having all the amenities a woman can bring to the table without having to sign their life away forever. These smart men know that living together without a Marriage license is less risky than getting married. They also enjoy the frequent “Nookie” and they also share expenses. No need for these men to get married when they got it made at this point in their life. Reason 3: These savvy smart men have wised up to the “woman of today”. Those women that feel... See More Tour Details »