Crazy Wife Rants For Divorce Via YouTube

April 17, 2008

Hell hath no fury like a women scorned! This week the wife of a major Broadway theater operator had taken to YouTube to spill the secrets of a marriage in an apparent effort to gain leverage and humiliate the other side. Tricia Walsh-Smith, a playwright/trophy wife and her future ex-husband, Broadway mogul Philip J. Smith, are in the middle of a nasty breakup. See More Tour Details »  Read More →

Sex, Lies & Equality

April 10, 2008

THE NEXT TIME YOU HAVE S*X IT MAY BE WITH SOMEONE ELSE’S WIFE… If the research team at The Ashley Madison Agency did their homework right – and their findings suggest they have – then thousands of North American women will now find it easier to do what they seem to be doing more often anyway: Secretly cheating on their mates. See More Tour Details »  Read More →

Bride Has Full-size Likeness Of Herself As A Wedding Cake

April 10, 2008

Would you do anything to make your new wife happy? Would you allow the wedding cake to look just like her? Well, judging by the photo, we’re not so sure deep down inside the groom wanted it. The look on his face as he peers out from behind his new wife is just priceless. We just can’t stop staring at it here at “The cake actually fulfilled …[emember_protected]my childhood dream,” said Ogbuta, who said she had long thought it would be fun to have a doll made in her likeness. While her fantasy never happened, she said the cake was pretty close. We do wonder if she saved the head to put in their freezer for their one year anniversary? More photos of the un-named groom posing with his new wife and cake are at CNN:[/emember_protected]  Read More →

BRUTAL DIVORCE TACTICS: Should Killer Linda Calbi Get Alimony?

April 5, 2008

In November a decision was issued in the case of Linda Calbi, who is serving a three-year prison term after pleading guilty to beating her son to death. The presiding judge suspended her alimony payments during incarceration, however making it clear that Linda is eligible to receive them again upon her release from prison. Her Ex-husband Chris Calbi had been paying Linda over $3,000 a month until her incarceration, and I can assure you is not looking forward to being saddled with that amount when Linda is paroled. Our friends over at Brutal Divorce Tactics have a very insightful podcast featuring California Attorney John L Welch who does a terrific job making sense of it all. Look for the link at the bottom of this post to play the podcast. We’ve typed out the questions that are asked in this podcast. Some great information here: Questions discussed in the Brutal Divorce Tactics podcast 1. Americans were outraged by news reports about a man in New Jersey forced to pay alimony to... See More Tour Details »