Women Who GET It: Meet Kim

February 3, 2008

Before the feminists accuse us of posting fake posts for the “Women Who Get It” section, we thought it would be a good idea to start linking to these gems of the genders websites. This week, I stumbled across Kim, who is indeed a woman and definitely GETS it! I discovered her at She has posted well over 500 posts over there. So I private messaged her and got a response immediately. I wanted to know if she was passionate enough to maintain her own blog singing the praises of men, and sure enough she emailed me a link. Kim wrote a great post entitled Men Are Great that has some flavor to one of our previous posts when we expressed the views of one Marty Nemko – Are Stay Home At Mothers Killing American Men. Marty had expressed:

Men the unsung heroes.

“According to the U.S. Department of Labor, more that 95 percent of the people in the 10 most dangerous jobs are men: from timber cutters to construction laborers. Coal miner, which is 99 percent men, isn’t even in the top 10. We are in an era, in which men are widely portrayed as boors, crooks, or at best, beer-guzzling football watchers.

The vast majority of people who work in iron foundries, coalmines, and other clanging, polluted environments are men. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, 92 percent of workplace deaths occur to men.

Yes, men, who are willing to go into our basement to eradicate a rat population, dig into our sewers to ensure our toilets don’t back up, fish the Icy Alaskan waters to catch the salmon the doctors urge us to eat, build the homes we live in, the buildings we work in, and the highways and vehicles that take us there. In today’s era in which so many features extol the contributions of women, I believe it’s fair to say that men are unsung heroes.”

I was quite pleased to discover similar prose by Kim extolling the virtues of men:

“There are certain pictures that make me cry every time I see them. I’m referring to pictures of men, great men, doing what great men have done since the beginning of time…sacrificing all for the greater good. I’m talking about pictures of soldiers, giving their lives to protect us, pictures of firefighters on 9-11, pushing their way UP into the towers, going to their doom in order to save lives. How many times have men faced death in protection of their countries, their homes, their families? How many men have worked at thankless jobs, never complaining, never questioning, in order to provide for their families? Now, I’m not implying that this is what men should be doing…sacrificing themselves. I’m saying that, right, wrong or otherwise, this is what men always have done and continue to do, and the very least we should do is recognize and show appreciation for that fact. ” … “Now, I could expand upon all the contributions men have made to the world, but I won’t, I don’t have enough room on my blog, or enough time. Suffice it to say that due to the minds and accomplishments of men, the world has benefited more than can be conveyed.”

Amen Kim!

I really believe this bright young lady in telling about herself, says it best right here:

“I was raised in an environment where men are really honored and respected. Growing up I was always a humanitarian, championing the cause of anyone who wasn’t treated with the dignity and respect a human being deserves. I’ve also always detested stereotypes. Every human being is unique, you can’t possibly judge an entire group of individuals by the actions of a few. Anyone who believes this is automatically at odds with feminism. Anyone who supports the human cause is at odds with feminism. In order to support feminism, you have to be able to disregard the worth of half the population, based upon gender….I’ve never been able to do that. I think, anyone who really looks at the situation, and who really cares about the treatment of people, ALL people, would have to be blind not to see the wrongs.”

Many women who read our blog send us mail saying we perpetuate the stereotype, and you may find this hard to believe, accuse us of actually disliking women as a whole etc. However we want to make it clear using Kim’s words: “you can’t possibly judge an entire group of individuals by the actions of a few.”

The intent of this blog was to never judge women has a whole, but to point out the sick and twisted things that many of their gender partake in and perform against men; and to do our best to get that to stop! Many of those things were a result of feminism and it’s skewed movement (for example, it’s made a mockery of the family court system).

We here at, hope you ladies get equal pay. We hope you become an executive at Coca Cola, if that is what you want? And we want your false allegations in court to stop. We want you to give us joint custody of our children… and many other other things that are simply fair when reviewed with an open mind.

I’m always hearing in the media about the bad things men do and not enough of what good things we do. Sadly, I’ve seen too many rotten women and only a few that are good. However, this writer refuses to give up looking for the good ones, I know they exist. Although I’ve admitted frequently in the blog, trying to find a good woman is like trying to find a tootsie roll in a pool of turds.

This blog will continue to focus on the ills of the gender until those ills become the minority. Good women need to see what their evil sisters are doing to the good men in the world. It has got to stop!

And men, if you are in a terrible marriage and facing divorce to one of these evil sisters, get out! Get yourself a copy of Brutal Divorce Tactics. Life is short. Join with us to find the Kims of the world.

Please visit Kim’s website: Equal But Different.


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10 Responses to “Women Who GET It: Meet Kim”

  1. Marx on February 4th, 2008 2:28 pm

    Just wanted to leave a note giving my definite pat on the back for Kim, she is indeed one of the most level-headed women… correction, she is one of the most level-headed ladies I have had the pleasure to happen upon.

    Unlike many of today’s women, Kim is not crass with an awkward vocabularly filled with misandrous slurs in every other sentence.

    Kim is a credit to, to the blogosphere as well as women, but most importantly to herself.

    Good call.

  2. Kim on February 4th, 2008 8:31 pm

    Ah, gee, thanks, Marx! And a special thanks to the team here for the mention and nice comments. :-)

  3. TheManOnTheStreet on February 5th, 2008 4:31 am

    Just wanted to post in agreement with what has been said of Kim. She is a wonderful HUMAN BEING with a great outlook on life and more importantly, family.

    Just when you are about to loose it; reading about all the evils that are male, just pop on over to Kim’s blog… it will make you feel almost human again… and in this era, that is a feeling that escapes most men…sadly…

    Also note, I found this site by reading her blog… for which I do religiously.. pardon the pun Kim!

    Now how the hell did I miss this site! Link placed!

  4. Silvio on February 6th, 2008 4:16 pm

    Thanks Kim, you provide us, men, a nice website and you are indeed a real woman.

    Hope more women get it.

  5. Stephen on February 8th, 2008 3:24 pm

    Thank you for the link to Kim’s site. I really enjoyed what she had to say over there. Kim reminds me of how the women were back in the late 60s and early 70s when I was growing up. I wish more women didn’t buy into the foolishness that is feminism. But I’m encouraged by the fact that sites like this, Kim’s and glennsacks (dot) com are causing more and more people to see feminism for the fraud that it really is and are shunning it.

  6. Kim on February 11th, 2008 11:52 am

    @TMOTS, Sivio and Stephen

    Thank you so much you guys (you’re making me blush :-) ). I’m really glad you enjoyed my site.

  7. Alexandra on February 13th, 2008 2:43 pm

    I like Kim, she’s a decent person. :)

  8. Bridget on February 23rd, 2008 5:32 pm

    I consider myself a feminist, but, you know what I’ve learned recently? Women are incredibly difficult to deal with, and are demanding, petty, contradictory, and just plain insane. Yes, I turned into my crazy, bitchy mother. My husband sent me packing, & I dont blame him at all! I wish I had the simplicity and strength of most of the men I know!

  9. Rosemarie on May 7th, 2008 1:41 am

    Glenn Sacks is a wonderful, intelligent and balanced man – love him. Hey, TMOTS – how are you?

    My own particular concern are false accusations. I have posted under different names on, and, of course, Glenn’s blog. It’s been an eye opener, that’s for sure. I agree that one can’t judge all persons on the actions of a few – yet that is what sometimes happens on these sites. The haters assume, just because you are female, you are just no good.

    Thanks for not allowing that mindset to permeate this site.

  10. reginald on December 15th, 2008 12:00 am

    As a man of black heritage
    I think many men know are plight in are own communities
    but to hear kim talk the way she does really makes me feel good as just a man .
    Alot of women in my community got their heads screwed the wrong way and its sad to see but black men arent honored .

    We have a black man in the white house and they still talk down to me and my brothers and mind you im a positive american citizen i dont need bling bling or what everto make me happy and i dont sell drugs .

    But when i try to approach a woman in my community they look down on me for doing the right things .

    Kim post makes me feel good to be a man

    God bless you kim

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