Prenuptial Agreements Are Romantic

May 17, 2007

When the man is rich, or even if he isn’t – he still may have his expensive home or car or other assets to consider – a woman will say prenuptial agreements are so unromantic. Well, she would, wouldn’t she? But the divorce statistics show that a man is a mug to imagine that he can put his faith in any woman’s love. But our love is the exception, the most special one that has ever been, she will assure us, so it simply isn’t necessary in our case. And by now, our budding wise male hero will surely be realistic enough to accept that none of us is that special. Otherwise you see, our lady will clothe us in the Emperor’s New Clothes, which every good salesman and saleswoman knows, only the most special of people can see. We should be aware that this kind of vanity is a weapon that can be used against us in countless situations in life. That’s partly why all true religious scriptures emphasize the value of modesty – not only it is a more civilized... See More Tour Details »

Divorce Self Defense 101

May 14, 2007

I am your instructor, Mr. Jensen. I am not a lawyer, consult one. Anything I say here may have its mileage vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. My qualifications are two divorces, one in which I did everything wrong and got reemed, and one in which I did everything right and came out with my skin relatively intact. Let’s start with the fundamentals. First. Decide right now if you want to be a winner or a loser. You are about to enter the Lion Pit. Get used to it, grow up and accept it. Any misconceptions you had about morality, right and wrong, and justice in the Justice System are bunk. All such things are absolutely irrelevant. Your sole concern is legal, and illegal. If it goes to a judge, you are not facing Solomon who will try to establish something fair. That is the job of a mediator. The judge will decide who is the winner, and who is the loser. If you don’t want to be a winner, take their offer right now, and get out of my class. I guarantee it will... See More Tour Details »