Will Pimp For Pizza

April 1, 2007

pizza-pimp.jpgJust when I thought I have heard it all I learn today that a woman offered a man, the pleasures of her teenage daughter’s body in exchange for a pizza. And to all the femhags out there who believe all men are raplsts, the man turned down the offer.

Nothing new here you say? Food for nookie happens all the time? This really got me thinking. This is a serious issue here in America. A serious issue indeed that I thankfully have a solution for. Allow me to digress for a moment:

Take this common scenario: A man takes a woman out for dinner, and perhaps a movie. In our culture, the man almost always pays for the meal and the movie. Why does he? It’s obvious he is hoping to do the “beast with two backs” at the end of the night.

Here’s the quandary that women face. If the woman opens the “portal to her body” (after a man bought her dinner), then she was in essence, basically paid like a “pro of the flesh” for the act of nookie – in exchange for food (food can be expensive).

If women stop “giving it up” (sure, father’s across the USA can be proud of their daughters), but men with an amorous disposition, will continue getting frustrated at shelling out hard earned cash, for the hope and possibility of a night of love.



Now for the women who read our site: Go dutch you say? (Have the man and woman split the check?). That’s fine, if it’s a first date or blind date; when both parties don’t know what to expect from one another. By the second or third date, you have an inkling whether or not you like each other. When that occurs, nookie starts popping into each other’s mind. Women, you must pay for those dates.

If women pay for the date, the delivery of nookie is still in their control. There is NO more expectations from the men. Sure the man still wants to get some (that’s biology), but he no longer can EXPECT it. He now has to seduce the woman via other means; like conversation, laughter, etc. Flashing money no longer cuts it. That’s healthy dating.

Now I’m not the only man who has thought of this: Here’s more proof that it’s not a good idea:

Over at one can view Stop Footing The Bill On Dates By Matthew Fitzgerald. Matthew shoots from the hip and states:

The feminist movement has done its job: the gender wage gap has gone the way of June Cleaver’s apron and bosses chasing their secretaries around the desk.

Women in the 2000′s are now earning as much as — or more than — their male counterparts.

Great. This is exactly the way it should be in our society. what equal?

But equal rights come with a price because true equality means equality across the board, not just equality until the check comes. The real gender gap is that women with good jobs and equal incomes are still insisting that men finance their social lives.

I’d say that’s a double standard a very self-serving double standard.

Why should men foot the bill for dinner, entertainment and weekend getaways, while women happily bank their paychecks? In an age of equality, shouldn’t the focus of dating be on partnership and sharing, instead of women still expecting to be taken care of financially?

Valid points indeed. Now onto the story that set me off on my tangent:

A Shoals mother is accused of doing the unthinkable to get free food.

The woman turned herself in Thursday to Russellville police in Franklin County.

Investigators say a woman was trying to get a man to buy her a free pizza in exchange for s*x with her teenage daughter.

The man turned down the offer.

Britnell now faces charges for solicitation.

45-year-old Reba Diane Britnell was arrested Thursday after a Grand Jury indicted her on a charge of criminal solicitation second-degree r**e.

The incident was reported to the Sheriff’s office by an acquaintance of Britnell’s.

Investigators have been investigating the case for several months.

Thursday the case went to the Grand Jury.

Franklin County District Attorney Joey Rushing says, “Investigators have been investigating the case for several months. Thursday the case went to the grand jury. Requesting another person to engage in s****l intercourse with someone to pay for pizza is what the indictment says. That’s what she’s charged with and she’s set for arraignment in April. Then she will be placed on the trial doc. In a couple of months.”

Britnell was released on $15,000 bond.

No trial date has been set.



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4 Responses to “Will Pimp For Pizza”

  1. Howard on April 1st, 2007 4:29 pm

    Just by looking at the face… I think she may have had 30 or 40 pizzas too many in her lifetime already… But fat is a craving, & a teenage daughter (god I hope is prettier than the mom) is an easy tradeoff… I really think what was going on here is that SHE was so fugly that her daughter was “HER ONLY HOPE!” There simply are an amazing number of women out there who “date” only with the expectations of being wined & dined… Their s*x-drive is firmly in PARK & you can play this game a long time till your wallet is empty & her tummy looks like she is 8 months pregnant. Her putting out is beyond reason… Guys… No more than 3 dates to g******d, & no more than $40 for a date. Better to meet AFTER DINNER TIME for a drink. She is going to be loosened up more by that Jaegermeister than the prime rib anyway!

  2. john on April 2nd, 2007 8:15 am


  3. Mike Hunter on April 5th, 2007 7:50 am

    I’m all for equality. She pays for her s**t and I pay for mine. BTW the Mens right movement aren’t the only ones pushing this. Many feminist groups (as opposed to feminazis’) are urging women to pay for half or all of the date.

    Oh and by the way how can I get into contact with the woman trying to pimp out her teenage daughter? Just kidding! ;)

  4. Vee on April 5th, 2007 10:28 am

    Bail and not placed in jail?

    When men do the exact same thing, sell young girls for s*x, they are usually called pimps, deplorable and the scum of the earth, right? But who would sell their own daughter?

    Going Dutch, letting her pay for dinner & a movie? You better believe it. I know way too many suckers paying for everything again and again. Women do not see or think that there is a double standard AND are very quick to attempt to shame a man, who doesn’t pay for social outings. Unfortunately, some men fall for that c**p.

    I have a friend who uses an interesting tactic. He tells his girl of the moment that he does not have any money, he’s strapped for cash or saving his money for something important. If she doesn’t offer to take him out, the relationship ends . . . especially if his biological needs have not been fulfilled yet.

    Cool site.

    RE: Howard, “better to meet after dinner time . . . “ Smart move!

Did you know there is someone right now in willing to cheat on their spouse to have fun with you?

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