The Key To Understanding Modern American Women

March 2, 2007

Understanding Modern American WomenThe key to understanding modern American women is to realize that, starting from a very early age, basically from about the time they start learning to talk, every event and experience in their lives takes on a very powerful emotional subtext. This is not to imply, of course, that men’s lives do not have emotional subtexts. It is merely to state that, for women, the emotional subtext of everyday events and experiences is often much more powerful than it is for men. For a woman, nearly everything that happens in her life, including things that most men would consider to be trivial or mundane, is heavily freighted with significant emotional meaning.

There are many important consequences to this, but for men, there are certain key implications that are very important to understand. One of these is that women are always “right”. By the time they reach early adulthood, at about the age of 25 or so, women develop a very strong sense of moral rectitude. They are certain they know what is good and bad, and what is true and false, because the feelings they have in their hearts and guts tell them so, and their feelings are always genuine, always valid, and always accurate, even if those feelings change 180 degrees from one moment to the next. When a woman “changes her mind”, she’s not really changing her mind. What really happened is that her feelings changed. And no matter how many times her feelings change, whatever she’s feeling right now, at this moment, is always “right”, because her feelings are always valid.

Now, part of this is our fault as men, because, when we’re young, we’re so overpowered by how beautiful so many of them are, and even when they’re not particularly beautiful, we’re still so eager for their approval and for their affection and for s*x, that we’re generally willing to agree with just about anything they say and go along with just about anything they want, no matter how silly or trivial or just plain idiotic it might be. So of course it should come as no surprise that most women begin to develop a very strong sense of moral rectitude. But, of course, it’s not really our behavior towards them that’s the main culprit here…women are this way intrinsically.

Another key consequence is that, by the time they’ve reached early adulthood, most women have developed a very elaborate system of rules for how people are supposed to behave. And a woman considers these rules to be “obvious”, because they are based on her own personal emotional subtext, which she considers to be the ultimate validator of all that is right and wrong: “of course” you’re supposed to do “this”, “of course” you’re not supposed to do “that”. And because these rules of conduct are so self-evident, anyone, as far as she’s concerned, (and especially anyone who claims to know her or care about her at all), should just intrinsically understand what these rules are…no explanation should be necessary. Anyone who doesn’t just implicitly understand these rules is either a fool or a jerk.

A woman will always listen to her feelings, before and after she will listen to anything else (and also usually while she is listening to anything else). This means that, in order to get along well with a woman, a man must also constantly be listening to her feelings, and anticipating his behavior accordingly. In effect, women become emotional tyrants in relationships: everything in her life, and, by extension, in the life of anyone involved with her, ultimately ends up being ruled by whatever she happens to be feeling, whatever she thinks is right, and whatever she happens to want, from one moment to the next.

My favorite story about this relates to a radio program with a segment in which the host likes to go out into the audience to meet people, and find out simple things about them, like where they are from and how long they’ve been married, just to try to get to know them a little bit. On meeting a couple who’d been married for 50 years, the host stated that, whenever he met such a couple, he always liked to ask them what they considered to be the secret of a good marriage. When asking one particular couple this question, the woman (of course) was the first to speak up, insisting that it was a matter of “having similar interests and tastes, always discussing everything, everything always being shared and everything always being equal, etc. etc. Finally, after a couple of minutes, the woman piped down just long enough for the host to turn to the husband and say, “And what about you, Herb, what do you consider to be the secret of a good marriage?”, to which the husband instantly replied, “Oh, that’s simple, just do whatever she wants.”

It’s also important to remember that, no matter how far you may have risen from wherever you started out in life, no matter hard you may have had to work your a*s off to get where you are, no matter how much discouragement you faced, no matter how many obstacles you had to overcome along the way, and no matter how successful you may be, no matter how much you may have accomplished, and no matter how self-sufficient you are, chances are that just about any American woman you meet these days will still consider herself to be a more thoughtful, more considerate, more conscientious, just plain better person than you are. And this will probably still be true, even if major portions of her life have just been a total train wreck.

And she will demonstrate this to you on a daily basis, by providing you with a constant stream of unsolicited questions and commentary about everything you do and how you do it, all based on her very powerful sense of moral rectitude.

What all of this adds up to is that, if you’re an average looking guy, and you’re willing to:

1. Live your life based pretty much entirely on whatever some woman happens to be feeling, right now at this moment, and,
2. You’re not too particular about what those women look like, and,
3. You’re the kind of person who would rather live that way than be single,

Then you’ll probably have no trouble at all finding a wife (and in fact you’ll probably end up being happier than you would be if you were single).

But if you’re not willing to make all three of those compromises, you’ll probably have a pretty hard time finding a date, let alone a steady companion. And if you’re like me, and you’d actually rather be single than make any of those compromises, but, unlike me, you go ahead and make those compromises anyway, you’ll probably end up being miserable. And you’ll deserve it. And there are millions of men who live their lives just like that every day.

Of course, if you’re really handsome, and especially if you’re handsome and have plenty of disposable income, then all of that just goes right out the window. You can behave pretty much any way you want, and women will basically just keep coming after you no matter what. And if you don’t believe that, just look at how many women write letters to Scott Peterson in jail begging to f*ck him.

And of course, you can never really have an honest discussion about these things with a woman, because if you attempt to raise this particular topic with her, her preferred mode of discussion will be to wait for you to assert something, and then proceed to tell you, at exceedingly great length, all about why you are wrong. This is why women insist that men will never understand them. They prefer having us believe that we can never figure them out, because it allows them to constantly rule our lives without ever being accountable for anything. The only way to get along with them is to just go along with whatever they want.

So my advice to men in their twenties is, date as many women as you can, f*ck as many women as you can, but don’t ever let one of them insult you or walk all over you, even one time. And for God’s sake, don’t marry one, at least until you’re into your thirties and women have started to lose some of that charm and s****l power that they have over us when we’re younger. Hopefully by the time you’re around 33 or so, you’ll start to realize that you’re actually better off staying single.

Written by dataguy: Don’t Get Married Forum


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19 Responses to “The Key To Understanding Modern American Women”

  1. Henry on March 2nd, 2007 9:47 am

    Why chase women who are always right. Better to have those who THINK you are rich chase after you. Guys, it’s not how good looking you are, it’s how comfortable & secure a woman thinks she is going to be with you (based on wealth or the perception thereof) that will have “10′s” running after you. Let them smell your money, your power but whatever you do, don’t be foolish enough to spend money with reckless abandon on them.

    You can think of 20 guys who have or could have anyone they want but will never win a beauty contest (Billy Joel, Howard Stern & Bill Clinton to name a few). There’s a lot of American women who know how to put a nose-ring into unsuspecting fools and drag them along like a puppy dog (since we let them). Women from foreign countries have respect for the male & lead a much more sub-serviant role. That’s one reason why so many american men would rather get a female companion from abroad.

    Only in America do we have the fatest women on earth.

  2. dataguy on March 4th, 2007 8:04 am

    Nice choice on the illustration.

  3. obbop on March 8th, 2007 7:57 am

    Over and over and over…. on this Web site and others where males have the “nerve” to criticize females for whatever reason, I read posts from females that begin by asserting they agree with the predominant male opinions on whatever topic(s) are covered but……….

    usually within a few brief sentences the “true essence” of females is revealed; as the females begin to lambast males.

    Are these females so self-absorbed that they are unable to see the dichotomy within their written message?

    After decades of observation and pondering my only conclusion can be that females are, in my male opinion, truly inferior intellectually to males.

    Yes, females may have the emotional “edge” over males but that emotionality is not conducive to rational discourse.

    I just wish females would butt out and realize that males are all-too-aware of the female’s feeeeeeeeeeelings. Gals, it’s those feeeeeeelings of yours that is part of the problem, one of the reasons that more than one male has decided that life without female entanglement is far superior than to one with females making a male’s life miserable.

  4. HAWKEYE on March 15th, 2007 2:48 pm

    I read somewhere that 1 in 4 women carry an s*d these days… yuk!

  5. Timole on March 21st, 2007 1:50 pm

    In my opinion, Many American women are unappreciative and manipulative…bottom line. And its best to hump and dump, hit it and quit it when you can.

    Henry is dead on with the difference between many American women and women from other countries that appreciate the male counterpart. And experience has shown me that – especially with the Latino women.

  6. dataguy on March 23rd, 2007 2:05 pm

    Obbop wrote:

    “Over and over and over…. on this Web site and others where males have the “nerve” to criticize females for whatever reason, I read posts from females that begin by asserting they agree with the predominant male opinions on whatever topic(s) are covered but……….”

    You know, it’s just amazing. They know what we’re saying is true, they just can’t stand to own up to it, and they especially can’t stand to hear it from *us*.

    And there’s a very specific reason for that.

    If you ask any randomly selected group of, say, 100,000 American women if they think that women are better people than men, the responses will break down something like this:

    About 50% will quickly react by saying, “No! Of course not!”, and then, proceed to spend about 90 minutes discoursing on all the various ways in which women are better than men without ever admitting that that’s what it really adds up to.

    Another 25% or so will pretend to not understand the question.

    Another 24% or so will launch into a stream-of-consciousness monologue about something they read in a magazine or saw on TV, or the lyrics to a Stevie Nicks song, or Feng Shui, or the color of the sky on their planet, and then insist that “it’s all the same thing” (whatever the h*ll that means)…

    About .7% will respond by just saying “Yes”, and actually meaning just exactly that.

    And about another .3% will respond by just saying “No”, and actually meaning just exactly *that*.

    Bottom line is that, as duty bound as they feel to continually lecture us about our faults, they can’t stand to hear about their own faults, and especially not from us. Because they actually do think they’re better people than we are, they just don’t want to admit it.

  7. geegee on March 29th, 2007 5:13 am

     —- editor’s note:  Post is un-edited. Posted as-is. ——-
    yes women are better than men we have to be we chose who will be the father of the children that will provide and be a positive modlewe also teach the children do you guys ever tell your wife what has to be done no of course not because it is allready done we wait and wait until we are tripping over something or fighting whith something that needs fixings then we nag you to help unstead of you actually noticing the problem and just doing it take some resonsiblity and as far as men cheating i believe it is because they are stroking there own ego because 90% of the time a woman is not happy becuse her man doent treat her very nice we marry you because we love you but every time we thow outt supper because you found something else to do just keepes adding up or in spare time allways with the guys instead of you wife we really are not the enemy and you guys probably are having a harder time getting it up and istead of admiting it is old age a fact of life it must be you wifes fault so any other female who is even a little bit nice and does know every time she goes to the bathroom she will be falling in or tripping over your socks or waiting just being you instead of dating is fair game because it is different and exciting it justivies it for you so you blame your wife and the only time we have s*x is when i start it but it was too much pressure so it has been 3 yrs if you guys would admit that it is a two way street and not all about you i think it would work

  8. Curiepoint on March 29th, 2007 9:58 am

    I am willing to bet she talks just like she writes…endless and without taking a breath.

    I would address the points she tries to make, but it makes my head hurt just trying to pick them out of that load of verbal diarrhea.

  9. Mufpounder on April 12th, 2007 7:52 am

    (LMAO) point well made Curiepoint !

  10. Curiepoint on April 19th, 2007 8:28 am

    I will comment upon one thing in Gee-Gee’s post: The last line of her post.

    She says that things could be okay if us dumb, selfish, oafish, sloppy men with erectile-dysfunction-because-we’re-old would just realize that it isn’t all about us. Is this not what we men have been saying for two generations? Yet, the impetus behind the whole circus from courting to relationships to marriage have always been about what she wants. From the slave-mined blood rock on her hand that her friends can ooh and ahh over, the several thousand dollar wedding dress, the guest list that she and her mother control with an iron fist, and the actual ceremony and reception afterwards that can cost upwards of thirty thousand dollars…it has all everlastingly been about her wants, her needs, and her whimsy. The groom is just another accessory. Entitlement of this magnitude does not germinate overnight. It begins in her childhood princess days, and does not ever go away.

    Don’t believe me? Look at how virtually every product and service is marketed in this country; it’s all about her. Even issues regarding the ever-popluar screed Erectile Dysfunction are promoted as being about her pleasure, as well as other health issues specific to men.

    And for the record, ED is usually symptomatic of something far more serious and life-threatening than just old age.

    Like, say…stress and burn-out? Gee, where’s the love you profess then, huh?

    Your game is up, Gee-Gee. You most certainly do not marry us because you love us. You do so because it keeps you wrapped up in that delusional cocoon of being a princess that demands homage that fires your willingness to marry.

    We here only acknowledge that you and your ilk fool us no more.

  11. Donuthole on May 23rd, 2007 1:52 pm

    Hi, it’s my first post here on this website. I forgot how I was directed here; honestly, I wasn’t even trying to see if “” actually exists, but imagine my surprise and amusement when I realized it does. I forget anything can be online as long as rules are followed, fees paid, etc. right? I’ve found this site so funny at times that I even started coming here for entertainment, because all my life I’ve had issues about women. I’ve always felt like a victim when it comes to the opposite s*x because of how I, a GUY, was treated. Throughout school, I’d ask a girl a question and I’d almost always be met with a very rude answer. Some info I’d read here seem to explain such times that her reaction would make me want to put my hand to her face.

    Anyway, geegee’s post is the reason for this entry: given her apparent lack of punctuation, it could be she is deaf. Some deaf people, especially those since birth, don’t have good English skills, hence the poor writing that, as Curiepoint pointed out, is verbal diarrhea (me too, Mufpounder. LOL!). It reminds me of a letter a deaf friend in school who wrote me a long time ago (she’d just moved away). She wrote so much and so long that I didn’t even try to understand it in the first place. I was like, whoa, and simply put the letter away to try again later. Admittedly, though, at the time I was angry with her for something she did in school. No need to go into details about this one as I’d forgiven her for pulling such a stunt.

    Geegee, no offense meant for agreeing with Curiepoint’s blunt description of your entry. You do seem to be female, not male, and you need to understand that we guys are getting sick and tired of putting up with the feminist c**p that’s been thrown at us that it seems we’re getting to where the women kick-started Feminism decades ago. Lashing out for stuff they felt they didn’t deserve, that is. Well, us guys too so it seems to be our turn.

    Well, that’s all for now. I’ll be back to read more. And laugh too, of course. Hehehe By the way, I’d like to commend the editor’s comment that he decided to allow geegee’s entry as-is.

  12. Sick Boi on June 6th, 2007 9:38 am

    Also, she writes with all the skill of a third grader. Learn to use punctuation before you tell me how to be controlled in my relationships.

    P.S. – GG stands for Good Game. Because your farkin’ game is over!!! Good Game!!!

  13. Bradley on June 22nd, 2007 7:36 pm

    My response to geegee’s comments:

    1) A man telling an American woman what to do… I thought that was domestic violence according to NOW and fem-nags.

    2) Nagging is not the way to get someone to do something. Just as you don’t like being told what to do, we don’t like being told what to do (50 times).

    3) We see what needs to be done, and we will take care of it when it fits our schedule.

    4) So, men cheat because women are unhappy? Wow, I don’t know what logic you are using, but that is adding 2 + 2 and getting 17.4356732. So does that mean that when women cheat (and according to most current statistics women cheat more than men), that men are unhappy?

    5) The most of the rest I can’t decipher, but you are correct it is a two way street. Too bad your post, and your attitude shows that you really don’t believe that though.

    @Donuthole – I have dated three deaf women in the past and none of them wrote like that. All of them had been deaf from birth, so I don’t think that is the case.

  14. BruhBrown on November 6th, 2007 7:32 am


    I’m not going to pull any punches here. Your writing is awful! You can’t possibly think that your lack of punctuation and sentence structures qualifies you as superior. If you want your opinion to be taken seriously, at least proofread and spellcheck so that you are understood by your intended audience (something else women don’t seem to get right).

    This is part of the reason why I just stopped. I couldn’t go forth with meeting anyone new because during the initial conversations, I had to hear their drivel about marriage and commitment and what men won’t do. When women are posed with the question of “what’s in it (relationship) for me (male),” then it becomes a very short and fragmented discussion. Usually there is nothing in it for us. s*x? Yeah but only when she feels like it. If I for once think that it will be a regular thing, then I have to be willing to first endure their emotional babble about how tired, achy, upset, depressed or whatever that they are. Rationing cooch is one certain way to make a man under appreciate you. I can’t deal with the princesses and empresses anymore. Let these other saps have em.

  15. Katie on December 28th, 2007 3:22 pm

    Hmmmm…. very interesting indeed.

    Feminism, in its infancy and by its very definition, is not supposed to make females better than males. It is supposed to offer “Equal protection of rights under Law”.

    However, in the last two decades, feminism has become exactly the opposite of such ideals and has instead turned to make boys into girls – because aggressive behavior is not seemed to be “good for society”.

    It is a bunch of hogwash.

    I am a single mother of two children and trust me when I tell you I did not plan for it to be that way. The fault did lay with me – but not because of nagging or assuming everything should be about me. It was quite the opposite, everything was about him. I stayed with him through four affairs. I had never cheated on him once. I stayed with him after he single handedly put us into 70,000 dollars in debt (of course all in my name). I stayed and I stayed, until one day I looked at my beautiful daughters and thought to myself, “I do not want them to think that this is the way that they are supposed to be treated. I do not want them growing up thinking that women should just be something that cooks and cleans and occassionally gives it up.”

    I have been single for 6 years now.

    I do not believe that I am better than a man or that my feelings outweigh any opinion that they may have. But I do know what I will and will not tolerate in a partner. Show one of those behaviors and most likely you will not be welcomed back into my life.

    Does this make me “princess-y”? I do not think so. I know there are great guys out there who have respect for me as a woman and would not resort to the vile acts that I have already allowed myself to go through. However, I also know that I am not ready to allow myself to let one of these guys into my life, so it is best to just NOT begin a committed relationship which only ends in MY acting like a crazy woman.

    For the record, when someone is communicating with you, you are supposed to put yourself in their shoes and attempt to understand their feelings and needs. But when you communicate back to them, they are supposed to do the same for you. It is a two way street and anyone, male or female, who does not do this is a waste of time.

  16. Sad on January 2nd, 2008 12:08 pm

    In no way do our differences make one s*x superior to the other — only different. Fortunately, God also made us intelligent enough to figure out and understand our environment, which includes the opposite s*x — IF we choose to. The capability is there. It’s the desire that seems to be lacking.

    I’m the mother of two teenage boys and have been in a loveless marriage for 18 years. Sure, I could complain and trash my husband for the many long years of neglect, loneliness, disappointment and despair; I could let bitterness take hold, poison my life and tear my family apart. But, compassion and understanding are a much healthier choice for ALL concerned. IT ISN’T EASY, but it works, and we’re all better off for it. Again, it’s a CHOICE.

    Life is rarely fair and usually doesn’t turn out like we hope. But, we only trash ourselves when we trash others. Instead of criticizing each other for our obvious and largely innate differences, why not take the higher ground and try to understand and accept each other — look for things to appreciate about each other instead of things to complain about. Much of our reality is simply a matter of perception. When you change what you look at, what you’re looking at changes. Try it. You might be surprised.

    No, it won’t make things perfect. Nothing’s perfect. But, it will make it better — maybe MUCH better — or, as in my case, at least tolerable for now. When our kids are grown, my husband and I will part ways — but hopefully as friends. And, I hope that I will then be able to find a more suitable man one who is compassionate and understanding.

  17. Amanda on January 4th, 2008 5:46 pm

    Ok, while Gee Gee’s lack of punctuation issues did make it difficult to read, a lot of what she said was very much true.

    We DO marry men because we love them, I am about to marry one now who does not help me around the house at all and does whatever he wants most of the time…going out with friends ’til 2am, drinking, etc. This bothers me a great deal. We actually argued about it (the cleaning issue) the other day because I do 3 loads of laundry per week, clean, vacuum and dust the entire house, do the dishes 98% of the time etc…He takes out the trash when it is halfway up the wall, and that’s about it. He leaves things around for me to clean up after him, as though I am his maid. So, do I nag when I want him to do the dishes or the laundry ONCE IN A WHILE? YES. I have to. I ask nicely once or twice but it gets very annoying. If I did not “nag” it would not get done. Example–I asked him to do the dishes on a Saturday (mind you, it’s just putting them in the dishwasher), and they did not get done until Thursday. Same when I asked about the laundry. So in the meantime, I am washing my own dishes because there are no clean ones, how is this fair. Am I wrong to “nag”? Would I have to nag if he had just done them instead of staying up watching tv until 2am or messing around on the computer??

    So Bradley, is he not helping because it “doesn’t fit into his schedule”? I’d say it is more out of laziness.

    If any of you could tell me WHY this happens I would love to know. My best friend is married with a baby and one on the way and is having some serious problems with this right now. He doesn’t help her with the child OR the house, and this is not okay.

    We don’t think it is “all about us”, but we do feel unappreciated and taken for granted when all we do is take care of you and we get nothing in return. No real affection to speak of, no help…Why do you feel you can do whatever you want and we have to be okay with it? Marriage/relationships are a commitment and you are a team. Women do need affection just as men need s*x. Oh, and trust me, if you would just help us out and be a little nicer, there would be much more of the latter. We would be happier and more energized, we wouldn’t have to nag, and everyone would be happy. I’ve even brought this point up and I don’t think it resonated. Why not? What is bad about this idea?

    And to CuriePoint with the engagement/wedding argument as a way to make it seem as though marriage is all about the woman…PLEASE. That wedding stuff is tradition. The ring thing sucks for you guys but that’s the way it is. Sorry. We have to have kids, which involves 9 months and whole lot of pain. I think you win that one. Most women do NOT buy “several-thousand dollar wedding gowns”…Davids Bridal is where most middle class women go, dresses there are like $600. I plan to pay for mine myself, we will share other wedding costs. Guest list? Whatever, it’s not like that anymore. The wedding day is mostly about the bride but that is tradition as well. These days though, things are changing and women are being more flexible. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of Bridezillas out there that want want want and I think that is gross. $30,000 for a wedding is a waste.

    All in all, I think most women are nice girls like me that just want to be with the person they love and work as a team, start a family and just be HAPPY. Why do you think we are all out to get your money??!? Really? A rotten few I guess have spoiled the whole bunch in your eyes. Don’t generalize like this please.

    And to Henry…American women are the fattest in the world? AMERICANS (including men) are quite fat in general. You guys really think you are God’s gift don’t you? Men are fat too. Geez.

    So…apparently dataguy thinks that no compromises should be made in marriage. This guy clearly has never been married and/or never should be married because that just cannot work. People are very different and compromises HAVE to be made. On BOTH sides. Especially if you want to make the marriage work and have a family. If you don’t want to compromise I find that selfish and you definitely should be single.

  18. Curiepoint on February 5th, 2008 3:24 pm

    Okay Amanda; you got me on the wedding dress thing. I claim ignorance with regards to that. I don’t intend to ever wear one. I have heard of them costing a huge amount of money, therefore my statements. I fully retract that one, though even $800 on a dress that only gets worn once (hopefully) seems pretty extravagant, but that’s me.

    There are traditions and there are traditions. It used to be that we were expected to burn one-quarter of our livestock or yield from farming; giving it to G-d, as it were. We don’t anymore. Why? I suspect that it was found to be wasteful. Three month’s salary on a shiny pebble that was mined by slave labor is equally so. Let us not forget the tradition of a bride being a virgin on her wedding night. Where did that one go? I can remember reading family accounts from 100 years ago that spoke of the wedding guests inspecting the bed linens for blood to prove that the marriage was consumated while everyone else ate and drank, and that the bride was a virgin. Gotta love those traditions…not.

    I’m not following the logical link of childbirth and diamond rings. Men didn’t design the birthing process to be painful, nor the carrying of a child to be as uncomfortable as it is. Therefore, how does a guy blowing a down-payment on a house equate? I’m not trying to be argumentative here. If there’s any enlightenment in any of this, I would welcome it.

  19. DAWN on February 22nd, 2008 8:42 am

    I am a female & i am admitting that you hit the nail on the head in this article……A young adult (26) year old female who 100% agrees with this article. Especially the moral rectitude thing. I do not deny that i think i am right 90% of the time, and that women tend to have a “better head on their shoulders.” I feel that if I left my current boyfriend to his own devices, that he would consistently make bad choices.

    This isn’t good vs. evil–It is male vs. female.

    We are in a constant battle with each other–because of how different our brains our built. We make a huge mistake in criticizing our men for their “faults” when in reality, it isn’t their fault. But (and here is that “but” that all you men hate, i know, and i apologize) it isn’t our fault either. We also cannot help that fact that most of the time our decsions are led by our emotions. WE CANNOT HELP THE WAY WE THINK AND FEEL-IT IS SOMETHING WE HAVE INSTILLED IN Us. We truly believe that our feelings are indeed true, valid and accurate-=-all the time. The only thing we can do is gain some insight, and if you’re with the right woman, she will be able to put her feelings aside, and hear you out, and maybe even change her mind and agree with you. Let’s be realistic though, that happens very rarely, and if you want to be in a relationship, than you just simply have to deal with these genetic differences and learn to work with them (men AND women)– or not, and be single.

    And one more thing, we can’t help what we look like either, for the most part (we get what god gives us) unless you get things surgically “enhanced” (which a lot of the times is a story in itself). So we cannot help it if we are attractive, and constantly have men gawking at us and “vying for our affection and approval)”. We don’t make you act like that, you have control over you. I myself (without sounding too conceited) have that happen on a regular basis, and it throws me off a little. Because the instant that you begin dating one of these people, and start to get comfortable with them, all that “vying for your attention” goes away….Poof! its gone. And then what, you are left with misconceptions about this person…they acted one way in the beginning and then unfortunately completely changed. Which in return the woman changes, she is left feeling bitter, resentful and misguided–which leads to the kind of things you guys hate…. i.e. constant nagging, criticizm, jabs at your ego. This kind of thing happens a lot. Guys, your best bet is to be REAL from the beginning…its only fair to both of us.

Did you know there is someone right now in willing to cheat on their spouse to have fun with you?

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