Eating Up Marguerite Perrin The God Warrior!

February 16, 2007

Relaxing with Marguerite PerrinMarguerite Perrin was a cast member of the FOX network reality show Trading Spouses. She appeared both in the two-part premiere of the second season as well as another two-part episode in season three. Like many, I first saw her plastered all over (having missed the Fox TV show). Today, I wanted to know more. I wanted to find the latest news on this affable God-fearing creation. Having read oodles and oodles on the God Warrior all over the net this week, I really enjoyed the coverage given to her by the Malcontent website. In their post “Give This Woman Her Own Show” they give a brief rundown.

“Marguerite Perrin was almost immediately a fish out of water in the D’Amico-Flisher home. An extremely devout Christian (she tried to toss any non-Christians on the TV crew out of her home at the end), she had major trouble with her new family’s New Age beliefs. She spent the episode alternating between hysterical crying jags and shouting and cursing about her “ungodly” hosts.

The only thing she didn’t do was start talking in tongues.

In this final scene from the show, Marguerite returns to her family and absolutely loses it over the “dark-sided” presence that had been in her home, and her family’s lack of prayer for her while she was gone. (For the record, Jeanne D’Amico-Flisher is one of the sweetest women alive and was nothing but kind and generous to the Perrins. And Marguerite Perrin is one fat, crazy b*tch.)

Each mother was able to allocate $50,000 to her new family in a manner of her own choosing. So will Marguerite keep Jeanne’s “ungodly” bequeathal? Find out by watching what is among the best 6 minutes of television ever broadcast.”

Flash forward to the Marguerite Perrin Ebay auction where a home made Bobblehead sold for $870.00 US. Turn up your speakers to listen to the God Warrior Booty Jam Remix! And get ready to dance for the LORD!

The bobblehead doll has been sculpted from polymer clay and hardened. Her head actually wobbles! Doll has been hand painted with acrylic paints and is coated in a durable clear gloss finish. She’s dressed in a real cloth “moomoo” black dress and shirt. She even has a real beaded necklace with silver medalion like the one she was wearing during her “meltdown” on the show.

Marguerite Perrin talking bobblehead doll auction on eBayMany people were shocked and disgusted with Marguerite’s behavior on the show. Not me! I thought it was so hilarious and wonderful it inspired me to create a bobblehead in her likeness! She is now my favorite t.v. personality of all time. When judgement day comes, me and Marguerite will be fighting the demons and stabbing the jaws of gargoyles and the demonic “moon creatures”! Everything’s unholy!

The bobblehead sits on a base which contains the sound unit and features actual clips of Marguerite’s meltdown from the show. Clips have been recorded from a direct line from the t.v. audio to ensure the best possible sound quality. Play, fast-forward, and rewind buttons are exposed for playback of the sound clips from the small speaker to the right of her. The sound recording unit’s “record” button has been removed so that you don’t have to worry about accidentally recording over her voice.

This talking bobblehead of the Crazy God Warrior say the following quotes:

  • I don’t want someone with tainted… anything in beliefs, doing anything with my family!
  • Darksided!
  • Their entire house is darksided too!
  • Everything’s un-Godly!
  • Gargoyles!… Psychics!
  • Get the hell out of my house- in Jesus’ name I pray!
  • GET OUT!
  • I give it up to God I’m a GOD WARRIOR!
  • She’s not a CHRISTIAN!
  • She was tampering in darksided stuff!
  • This is tainted- I don’t want it. Whatever it is, it’s tainted!
  • I want nothing. I want my God and I want my family!
  • I want NO Money!

What an adorable piece for the baby’s room! Having this keepsake in your home will ward off evil spirits. You’ll just want to smile everytime you look at it!

The Malcontent, satisfying their craving for entertainment, further tracks her to an appearance on The Jay Leno Show and is kind enough to post the video of her appearance:…[emember_protected]

They Quip: “Mainly I tuned in to see whether she would eat Leno, but I would be disappointed on that count. While the atheist-reviling Perrin was as pleasant as punch, she did admit that “being nice don’t get ya anywhere.”

And one more comment for you that we couldn’t resist repeating:

“Another theory of the universe down the drain.

In theory, putting two objects with that much mass in that close of proximity to each other should have ruptured the space-time continuum and plunged Southern California into another dimension.”

[Watch video – 7:25, WMV format, high bandwidth]
[Watch video – 7:25, WMV format, Low bandwidth]

Here’s the kicker. It seems that Jay Leno purchased the doll and surprised her with it as a gift on his November 29, 2005 show. Marguerite autographed a picture of herself holding a picture of the bobblehead doll.

Now before you rush to comment on this story, keep in mind there are literally thousands of comments already on this out there on the net. A good bulk of it became a debate on religion. Seems she turned off many people by her avaricious zeal of religion. And of course those in the religious sector crucified her as well. Then there were the comments of the compassionate who chastised those for making fun of her. The compassionate lambasted anyone who made fun of her, for they felt those comments were making fun of the mentality ill. Here’s just a sampling of the comments we sifted through.

Marguerite Perrin is happy as the God WarriorPosted by: AM Shaffer

“It’s kind of embarrassing to have someone’s mental instability become fodder for entertainment in our nation and that we all watched it, some of us laughing, some of us using her behavior to strengthen our own dogma against religion.

Hopefully the national coverage will promote this family’s need for compassionate help.

Meanwhile, those who can’t stand Christians will make her their new poster girl.”

And from Mike over at Uffish:

“I find it deeply, almost inexpressibly reprehensible that the producers of this television program are exploiting the suffering of a quite clearly desperately mentally ill woman and her family for the ridicule of an uninformed public that simply reacts to her as ‘weird’ or ‘a psycho’. the woman obviously demonstrates the symptoms of advanced religious mania that anybody who’s ever worked with chronically mentally ill adults will recognize immediately.

I am not on the level of laughing at the foibles of others, but laughing at the mentally ill seems repugnant to me. I guess that’s why I avoid reality TV in general, as this seems to be its staple component ever since the heyday of the Jerry Springer show.

Yes, I am a tiresome curmudgeon of the variety that yells at the TV. And boring and humorless as well. Guilty as charged.”

And here’s a tiny tiny tiny sampling of the comments that were made about religion and The God Warrior!

Posted by: Monty

“I didn’t watch the video, but I can guess what went on. And I’ll go further: I’ve seen weirder. I’ve been to tent-revivals with snake-handlers, people rolling in the aisles and speaking in tongues, and a six-foot-five Cherokee Indian preacher thundering from the pulpit. I went to a meeting billed as a “Charismatic Christian Fellowship Group”, but turned out to be some weird folks who did group-s*x as a religious observance (I found myself unable to participate with the kind of zeal they would have demanded, so I ended up going to a movie instead). I used to go to church with a guy who sincerely believed that the Pope was the Antichrist, and that we were living in the End Times — he sold his house, all his possessions, and lived from day-to-day in a cheap hotel waiting for the Rapture to come. (I always wondered what happened to that guy when the Rapture failed to materialize….)

America is like a big bowl of breakfast cereal: chock full of flakes, fruits, and nuts.”

And one more that was posted on Reality TV Magazine site

“I believe this women needs some good drugs to take care of her psychotic tendencies, any person claiming to be a ‘God Warrior.’ To curse like a sailor on national TV as well as discriminate against others for their beliefs has serious issues or just plain cant read what they claim to have read. The bible states all people are equal no matter their religious preferences. I hope this woman watches herself on the TV and sees what an a*s she truly is and what a complete HYPOCRITE she is. Maybe she should re-read the bible she claims to love so much!!

And pay a little more attention to her daughters and they wouldn’t end up knocked up at 15 or be so easily conformed to others beliefs especially complete strangers! Ordering people around isn’t love, it is domination and cruel.

To have your husband afraid to be a man in his on home is sickening! … Isn’t the saying ‘let he who is without sin cast the first stone’? I dont believe there is anyone in this world without some form of sin in their lives or pasts.

My opinion seek psychiatric help immediately for yourself and your families sake!”

Fox TV manages to eat her up (how we don’t know) for another episode in season 3. And now she’s dubbed herself “The Hip Hoppin’ Gizzard Eating God Warrior” Here’s the description according to wikipedia (Yes, Marguerite Perrin is on Wikipedia too)

“In October 2006, Perrin agreed to tape another episode of Trading Spouses. She had used her winnings from the previous season to undergo gastric bypass surgery and had lost nearly 100 lbs. as of the show’s airing. Since their first appearance on the show, the Perrins were affected by Hurricane Katrina; Barry having lost his job. [4] [5] This time, the Perrins traded spouses with an African-American family from St. Petersburg, Florida, the Malone-Browns. Her new spouse, Abasi Malone, was revealed to be a black nationalist, and spoke of little other than race relations. Marguerite, meanwhile, maintained that she was race-blind and extended this ideology to Abasi. However this came to a standstill later that week, when Abasi threw a barbeque and resolved to shut Marguerite away from his conversations and his friends. Perrin later remarked that she felt “unwelcome” and “wasn’t treated like a human being” in the Brown-Malone house.

The mother who stayed with the Perrins, LaToya Brown, did not draw as much attention to herself and Abasi’s beliefs as the latter did, but did spar with Marguerite’s friends over the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina, particularly in regards to the black community.

In dividing up the money for the Malone-Browns, Marguerite allotted $1,500 to their daughter for a piano and the remaining funds to be disbursed to the daughter on her 18th birthday. Facetiously, she gave Abasi a CD of Aretha Franklin’s song, “Respect.”

From LaToya Brown the Perrins were alloted: $10,000 for their daughter Brooke to study dance abroad; another $10,000 for home maintenance; and $20,000 for Barry to assist in finding a job. Lastly, $10,000 went to Marguerite under the requisite that she run a half marathon to augment her weight loss, which Marguerite found “disrespectful”.

The two-part episode aired, respectively, on January 19 and January 26, 2007, and attracted moderate ratings.”

YouTube Preview Image

WOW! So what happened next for The God Warrior! Yes you guessed it! Only in America! They dolled her up and turned her into a pathetic commodity.

Fox Television was quick to dress up a description of her and her family for their website:

Meet the Perrin Family!

“Hailing from the deep south of Ponchatoula, Louisiana, Marguerite Perrin has seen some significant changes within this past year. Namely, a weight loss surgery that has slimmed and trimmed last season’s own “God Warrior.” While smaller in build, Marguerite is no less the big personality we have seen her to be. Sassy and ready to tell it like it is, Marguerite is as effervescent as ever.

Marguerite and her family, husband Barry, daughters Ashley and Brooke and granddaughter Abigail, are the embodiment of southern hospitality and comfort. Ready to greet guests with open arms, it is not uncommon to find the Perrin family hosting big get-togethers of friends and family.

While Hurricane Katrina had a negative effect on their community, the Perrin family has been able to rebuild and move on with their lives. Barry now works as a carpenter, after the janitorial supply business he worked for was destroyed by the hurricane. Still the same old nice guy, he enjoys his new occupation immensely. Ashley continues to teach at her thriving dance studio, instructing young girls from the area in ballet, jazz and hip-hop. Sister Brooke and daughter Abigail are among the star dancers there.”

What the deuce? “Sassy and ready to tell it like it is, Marguerite is as effervescent as ever.”

Sad Barry PerrinAnd what’s the deal with the husband you may ask? What kind of man would marry and have kids with this religious behemoth? We’ll save that for another post and another day. “Barry now works as a carpenter, after the janitorial supply business he worked for was destroyed by the hurricane. Still the same old nice guy, he enjoys his new occupation immensely.” I do wonder if Barry is happy with all the attention his “God Warrior” wife is receiving. The photo to the left is of Barry from the Billboard Music Awards (see next paragraph); what do you think is on his mind? “I can’t wait to get away from the paparazzi and go home and snuggle with my Hip Hoppin’ Gizzard Eating God Warrior.”

Saucy Margeret PerrinWell it seems Jesus has directed her to a weight watcher’s class. The New God Warrior is trimmed down and ready to dispense some Hip-Hoppin Gizard eatin’ gospel! And brothers, try not to spit up your Yoo-Hoo yet! We have one more piece of news to report. Yup you guessed it! She has her very own slick designed website (We’re not done – brace yourself) with not one but two comedy Cd’s for sale. From her website (w w w.margueriteperrin.c o m/listen.html) Along with samples of her CDs, there’s a photo gallery of her backstage at The Billboard Music Awards and another folder of pics of her at the Radio Music Awards. Be sure to spot the photo of her and Flava Flav. Maybe she’s seeking dental advice from him?

Here’s a snippet:

“By ignoring all rules of caution and conformity, Marguerite has been able to find a place in the hearts of her viewers through her fabulously unique personality, unyielding faith and astonishing pride. When she boards a plane and courageously leaves behind her home and family to venture into an unfamiliar world, Marguerite… an extraordinary individual, inspires all of us to look beyond tradition and conformity and remain true to ourselves.”

Marguerite is indeed an inspiration for all of us men to get married eh? Do women behave like this in Costa Rica? In Brazil? In Kyoto Japan? In most of Latin America?

Young Margeret Perrin an early God WarriorBrothers, the writing of this article has left me melancholy. Join me in having a delicious Yoo-Hoo and a moment to reflect on the days of when Marguerite was just beginning in life. Before any snake-oil salesmen knocked on her door. Before the food-binging ravished her body. Before her husband Barry ravished her cushy and ponderous body.

Give me a minute to reach for my Carpenters “Close To You” CD … Got it… Putting on my favorite track now… That’s right, the perfect track to go with a Yoo-Hoo… “We’ve Only Just Begun.” Before I hit play I want to take a minute, and stare at the innocence of young Marguerite Perrin, before fame and fortune tainted her. (Sobbing). Ok hitting play now on the CD player.

We’ve only just begun to live,
White lace and promises
A kiss for luck and we’re on our way.
And yes, We’ve just begun.

Before the rising sun we fly,
So many roads to choose
We start our walking and learn to run.
And yes, We’ve just begun.

Sharing horizons that are new to us,
Watching the signs along the way,
Talking it over just the two of us,
Working together day to day

And when the evening comes we smile,
So much of life ahead
We’ll find a place where there’s room to grow,
And yes, We’ve just begun.


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5 Responses to “Eating Up Marguerite Perrin The God Warrior!”

  1. skippy666 on February 17th, 2007 1:35 pm

    Thanks for the great post. I never even finished watching the first video it was so embarrassing and shocking. Loved the extra information. The women has ended up just another money and celebrity driven w***e!

  2. dataguy on February 17th, 2007 2:10 pm

    The first time I saw a clip of this woman on Jimmy Kimmel, I thought for sure she was just some actress they’d hired and it was all a big put-on. But she’s just so far out there that if you’d set out to invent someone like this you probably couldn’t come this close.

    See, what I want to know is, what the hell kind of a guy marries a woman like that?

    PS…Dang! I just watched the Jay Leno clip! It took me a minute to realize that that was Roseanne Barr sitting next to her on the couch! Wow, Jay actually managed to find the one other woman on the planet who’s more f****d up than Marguerite Perrin! Even Roseanne seems to be astonished that there actually is a woman out there who’s more of a head case than she is!

  3. Curiepoint on March 8th, 2007 7:40 am

    I’m quite sure God just loves the thought of Jabba-The-Perrin, speaking for him; and brandishing the sword of her madness in his name.

    Would any of you want her championing your cause?

  4. Tony on September 27th, 2007 8:41 am

    Tmz is reporting that daughter,Ashley Perrin, has been killed in a traffic accident this week. How very tragic! She leaves behind an 8 year old daughter.

  5. Master of My Domain on September 27th, 2007 9:06 am

    A one-vehicle traffic accident claimed the life of 25-year-old Ashley Perrin of Ponchatoula Tuesday afternoon.

    Perrin, of 525 Kathleen St., died on the Interstate 55 Southeast Service Road in Ponchatoula. Police Lt. Raymond Mauterer said the accident happened about 2:30 p.m.

    She was alone in a mini van when it hit the guard rail while traveling north on the service road. The roadway showed no skid marks, Mauterer said, and the cause of the accident is unknown at this time.

    She was ejected from the vehicle and was dead at the scene, Mauterer said.

    Drugs or alcohol are not suspected, he said.

    Perrin is the daughter of Marguerite Perrin, who gained national recognition for her role in the Fox television series “Trading Spouses.”

    Although we are guilty of poking fun at The God Warrior (which we believe she didn’t mind judging by the way she hammed it up on additional talk show appearances), nonetheless… a parent should NEVER have to bury a child.  The staff here at DYWN are truly saddened to hear the news of Ashley’s passing.  Ashley seemed like a smart and caring woman on the TV show.  We truly wish the Perrin family our condolences in their time of grief.

Did you know there is someone right now in willing to cheat on their spouse to have fun with you?

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