NY Times Puts Lipstick On A Pig

February 8, 2007

New York Times is wrong againBrothers! One morning Sam “Mangina” Roberts of the New York Times dished out a huge pile of horse-hockey out of his rear. And news channels and papers sucked this up as if it was gospel. Brace yourself brothers!

Mangina Roberts is guilty of making up numbers for the 2005 US Census data in his article “51% of Women Are Now Living Without Spouse” (no link given to this pile of dung – search the engine Google for it).

Marc Rudov over at Men’s News Daily pounces on it in our defense: “The NYT’s new conclusion is that, on average, only 49 percent of American women are married and living with their spouses — a new low. Breaking it down by race, this 49 percent average is: 30 percent of black women, 49 percent of Hispanic women, 55 percent of non-Hispanic white women, and 60 percent of Asian women.

The article (by The New York Times) goes on to say that, despite the picture for married women, 53 percent of men are married and living with their spouses. But it does not segment these men by race, as it does for women, and it does not explain to whom this majority of men are married.”

Now here’s where our Brother In Arms Marc Rudov at Men’s News Daily gets busy with the truth in his excellent post “What Women Don’t Want“:

“If a married woman becomes pregnant with another man’s child, she faces no penalties, which is why she willingly chooses such an immoral path. In fact, the “system” rewards her with child support from either the biological father — if she tags him with paternity — or her unsuspecting husband, who eventually will discover her infidelity, divorce her, and be forced to provide her a lucrative “vaginal parachute” for her soft landing into singledom. What a country!

Even a mouse has to navigate a difficult maze to earn a piece of cheese. For a woman in America, in contrast, the marital maze consists only of two adjoining doors — entrance and exit — and the cheese is freely available in exchange for zero effort. Congratulations to the male lawmakers who have built this marital maze and its lopsided incentive system.”

Brother Marc goes on to add:

“Roberts should have included a sidebar about the growing trend of teenage girls beating the c**p out of each other, video recording said beatings, and posting the videos on the Internet for all to see. Could there be a correlation between such Misbehaving and a society that devalues men and marriage? I’ll bet the “progressive” policy wonks never considered that unintended consequence.”

And Brother Marc sums it up with his fix:

“I propose the following steps that our misandric state and federal lawmakers, mostly men, can take before the next US Census:

* Abolish alimony
* Abolish child support — for divorced and unwed mothers
* Abolish presumed child custody for mothers
* Financially penalize wives who become extramaritally pregnant
* Make Roe v. Wade constitutional — give men the equal right to opt out of parenthood.

If the aforementioned five goals become reality, our entire society will change, and the next US Census will reflect those changes. Will this happen? Never. Always follow the money. Matrimon[e]y. Alimon[e]y. Always follow the money. Politicians want votes, not change — unless that change jingles. It turns out that women don’t want change, either, unless it jingles.”

Over at the Don’t Get Married Forum, our scholarly brothers are also buzzing:

Brother anarchiste states the obvious: “Did you notice that they never mentioned that men are also happy living out of marriage. There’s no mention of men here. I mean, if 51% of women are living alone, then it goes to say that 50% of men do the same. The article seems to imply that only women decide if they live with a partner or not.”

The Reverend Porckchop adds: “The whole piece is purely propaganda. I just watched ABC news dot com’s news clip on the story and they give a whole sundry of possible reasons why “women are avoiding marriage” but nothing from a man’s perspective. There was nothing mentioned about the 51% being due to men avoiding marriage. There was no mention of any “marriage strike” by men, and no mention of any marriage avoidance by men. The whole piece was propaganda that would make Geobbels proud. American women probably swallowed it all hook line and sinker, and are feeling better tonight, because they were just told that the reasons why so many of them are alone with cats, and none of the reasons had anything to do with American men rejecting them.”

The Reverend proposes: “Instead of finding out how many women are living without spouses, I think It’d be more interesting to find how many unmarried woman are living with cats in America. 60%? 70%? 90%? American women treat their cats very well too, fancy feast, Friskies, flea collars, scratching posts, vet check-ups, etc. If I were Buddhist, in my next life I’d want to come back as an American woman’s cat, but circa 1980-2005 era only.”

And the young and talented brother outcastsuperstar adds (be sure to visit his awesome blog on Men’s Issues):

“Well I’m shocked that the number isn’t even higher.

In fact American Women are so scared that femhags like Maria C*ntwell got man-hating legislation like IMBRA passed. American women suck so bad that they would never be able to compete with a foreign woman. All a young beautiful foreign woman has to do is smile at an American man and maybe give him a warm hug and that alone surpasses the quality that most men receive from American Women. So they have to pass laws to eliminate competition.

Many women will cash out on good hard working men. The divorce rate has got to be at least 60% nation wide and it is 76% hear in California with 70-75% of the divorces initiated by women. With the divorce laws being very anti-male American Women are rewarded by bad behavior. However, once they are in their mid 30′s and are in their 40′s they are no longer desirable. This article covers that up and basically says they’re independent rather than women no longer being desirable.

With the Marriage strike and the MGTOW movement growing in mass numbers one can expect the 51% number to increase.”

Mamonaku (also has an Amazing Blog on Men’s Rights called the M.R.A Revolutionary) adds:

“The Marriage Strike is having a serious impact. If these females weren’t so worried, they wouldn’t bother publishing these propaganda pieces they call Journalism.”

systems1082 proposes a question to our brothers who haven’t been enlightened and sums it up well:

“Would you sign a contract that a company could fire you for no reason, take back 50% of all pay you have received, and take your house? This is what happens when a man signs a marriage license.”

About Marc H. Rudov: Marc H. Rudov is an internationally recognized author of 40 articles and the books Under the Clitoral Hood: How to Crank Her Engine Without Cash, Booze, or Jumper CablesTM (ISBN 9780974501727), and The Man’s No-Nonsense Guide to Women: How to Succeed in Romance on Planet EarthTM (ISBN 0974501719).

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2 Responses to “NY Times Puts Lipstick On A Pig”

  1. Bruce on February 21st, 2007 12:46 pm

    Damn! Are they allowed to post that picture of my ex-wife on the Internet without her kid’s authorization?

  2. Billy on March 3rd, 2007 1:04 pm

    Yes Bruce, since they only posted half of her face, it can’t be argued that everyone will identify her. You know how many women have a nose and mouth just like your ex?

    The mangina didn’t have the facts and was trying to report on the marriage strike. I believe that well over 51% of females in this country don’t deserve a man.

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