Boycott Valentine’s Day!

February 5, 2007

How to buy flowersValentine’s Day is the perfect day to leave your miserable wife or gold-digging girlfriend. Take your uncompatible nightmare out for dinner and ask her for a divorce (and to also pickup the dinner check too!). While all the doormats are handing over diamonds at the tables next to you, you can feel proud that you are on your way to a long fulfilling life of no stress and immense personal wealth.

My brothers over at the Don’t Get Married Forum are buzzing as expected this fine Valentine’s Day.

Brother systems1082 gives some keen insight to those who may be happy with their wives or girlfriends and are thinking of buying their sweeties a Valentine’s Day gift.

“Valentines day is approaching and I wonder how many men are anticipating a rolex or a platinum bracelet from his wife or girlfriend.

I counted over 53 different tv, radio and newspaper ads during Christmas and closer to 75 during Valentines Day.

The ties, the flower or cards are nice but do they compare to a set of diamonds, bracelets or rings a woman ‘expects’?

I’ve noticed over the last 20+ years how arrogant women have become in demanding and expecting diamonds every single ‘Hallmark’ holiday.

DeBeers started the ball rolling back in the mid 1940′s duping men returning from Europe or the Pacific to buy a ring to show his girl back home he cares. Did they not think it should have been the woman buying the man the ring to show she cares and will wait? It’s backward to say the least, and women use this to shame men into buying them a diamond.

Of course an engagement ring is expected, what 4 months salary? What if she divorces, shouldn’t this engagement ring be returned? It was and never is a gift, it’s a symbol of engagement and if she breaks this engagement, she should be made to give it back.

Think of all the men going into debt because of being pressured, shamed and even lied to, so he purchases a ring.

Buy her flowers, or dinner, but tell Debeers, Jared, Kay etc. to stay the hell out of your lives.

This was the topic last night at dinner. My 20 something friend told me she’s always known, and heard 4 months salary.

I asked her what her reasoning was, and her silence before answering was telling. She said ‘just how it is’ I would not spend 4 months salary on a woman to save her life, let alone buy her some ring. Of course she became angry, but she has to because it’s in her best interest to keep the ’4 month salary’ growing.”

Brother darthchode offers some advice and a link for those who are compelled to purchase a ring.

“Should I ever buy an diamond engagement ring, it will be with these stones:

Cheap, real, and man-made


Overpriced, real, and mined by slaves.”

And Brother Lee puts the purchase in perspective:

“That is I-N-S-A-N-E.

For the slightly below average man who earns $40,000/yr, the ring should be $13,333??? For a man struggling along at $24,000 he should spend $8,000 freaking’ dollars on a ring!?!

What if you earn $90,000? Does that mean the average AW (American Woman) expects an outlay of $30,000?!?

This is just a rule of thumb to make the man a wage slave, forcing him to work OT and dangerous jobs to get the extra cash to pay for the debt overhead such foolishness will surely cause.

4 months salary…{fckoff}

Absolutely not.”

There you have it brothers, maybe you will think twice about buying your lovely a diamond, no matter how nice she’s been. Instead go take her to see the Leonardo DeCaprio film, Blood Diamond. That will get her motor revved.

Now Marc Rudov really slams it home on how stupid Valentine’s Day really is.

It’s February again. This can mean only one thing: the dreaded, compulsory Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you forgot, fear not: the onslaught of TV and radio commercials will remind you and remind you and remind you. There is no escaping them, and they all share a common theme: women are entitled to receive; men are compelled to give. Nothing quite captures the essence of love like female entitlement.

Ask the typical woman to define romance. I’ll lay odds that she’ll describe a man buying and/or doing something for her, without a word about spoiling him. Why such narcissism? Simple. Most women are raised to be self-absorbed takers, and insecure men continue to tolerate and enable them.

Are men worthless? Only if they never demand fairness and reciprocity from women – and many men don’t. Valentine’s Day, and all of its pathetic rituals, represents the failure of men to stand up to women – who, ironically, don’t respect these eunuchs and don’t sexually crave them, either.

Visualize the annual V-Day ritual: women clucking around their office water coolers and late-morning Pilates classes in anticipation of receiving Vermont Teddy Bears or long-stem roses, while men are wringing their hands, dreading this day, resenting the pressure, wondering what, if anything, would please their wives and girlfriends. Why such anxiety? No man wants to end up in the proverbial doghouse without s*x.

What a pathetic picture: women using s*x as a weapon; men living in fear. The evidence of “romance heaven” is clear: alimony and child-support cash registers are ringing nonstop, the marriage rate is falling, infidelity is rampant, the out-of-wedlock birthrate is skyrocketing, and children – society’s future parents – are more dysfunctional and immature than ever.

Tribute to Legal p**********n

What is Valentine’s Day, really? An annual tribute to legal p**********n. After all, traditional dating and marriage are the chief platforms of an age-old prostitutional bartering system through which women receive gifts, cash, bling, stock, cars, meals, homes, vacations, clothes, college tuition, business partnerships, and spa memberships in exchange for s*x.

Accordingly, Valentine’s Day is the capstone of legal p**********n – its epitome – because of the inescapable, pervasive societal and commercial pressure to perform that it imposes on men. Think I’m crazy? On February 14th, will your woman withhold s*x if you don’t roll out the red carpet for her? Think about it.

Men humiliate and emasculate themselves by worshipping women throughout the year. And, it’s totally unnecessary: women are more s****l than men, and men must learn how to turn the tables. But, the groveling is never so acute as on Valentine’s Day, when men pay premiums for flowers and dinners and baubles. For what? To avoid a fight? To g******d?

What’s worse is that women continue to crave and demand these gifts that they know, by definition, are given insincerely and begrudgingly. Nothing quite defines romance like perfunctory obligation, as men told me in a survey I conducted in 2005 (read “Why Men Dread Valentine’s Day“). Expected generosity, the crux of Valentine’s Day, is oxymoronic and moronic!

NoNonsense Bottom Line

Never, ever allow your woman to be the center of your relationship, as is too often the case. If that’s your unfortunate situation, you have no b***s and no relationship. Valentine’s Day is the least of your troubles.

My solution to cure your Valentine’s Day blues is this: boycott it. That’s right, stay home. If February 13th and February 15th aren’t happy days for you, why would February 14th be an exception? If she insists on wasting money on February 14th, she’s a selfish, immature golddigger.

Here are three, quick rules to gauge your relationship’s temperature on Valentine’s Day:

  • If she’s a selfish taker who expects you to entertain her, dump her. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to do that.
  • If your woman threatens to break up or withhold s*x if you don’t take her out on this commercial occasion, end it with her on February 13th. Imagine what she’ll tell the girls at the office the next day!
  • If your “relationship” is so utterly boring and empty that you use February 14th as an excuse to pretend that all is well, break up ASAP – do yourselves a big favor.

Real romance is about spontaneity, choice, and reciprocity. Valentine’s Day, on the other hand, is contrived, commercial, unilateral nonsense. If you want to do something special and genuine, choose her birthday and other times when she least expects it. Anything done on Valentine’s Day is a joke.

Parting words: If you kiss a woman’s a*s, at any time and for any reason, especially on Valentine’s Day, you can kiss your own a*s – and the wallet attached to it – goodbye.

About the Author:
Marc H. Rudov is an internationally recognized author of 40 articles and the books Under the Clitoral Hood: How to Crank Her Engine Without Cash, Booze, or Jumper CablesTM (ISBN 9780974501727), and The Man’s No-Nonsense Guide to Women: How to Succeed in Romance on Planet EarthTM (ISBN 0974501719).

Copyright © 2007 by Marc H. Rudov. All rights reserved.
Rudov’s books, articles, blog, and podcasts are available at

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared at Men’s News Daily as Boycott Valentine’s Day! Should the link go down at their site in the future we felt is was important enough to mirror here. Marc is an amazing writer and his work should be read everywhere. If one man decides to skip a diamond purchase this year, then we have done our jobs.


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14 Responses to “Boycott Valentine’s Day!”

  1. Timontop on February 5th, 2007 8:13 pm

    One of the preparations you should make for making Valentine’s Day your Independence Day – is get yourself a Singelringen. What is it? A ring from Sweden that is apparently being worn by singles all over the world to say – I’m single, I like it. Wear it on your right hand (sorry doesn’t cover up the tan mark on your wedding ring finger. Or put it on a chain around your neck – and get yourself out there! It totally works for me.

  2. Delf on February 5th, 2007 10:36 pm

    First, let me say, I’m a new reader. I love the site. Keep up the good work! I recently dumped my girlfriend of two years after she started putting the pressure on me to get married and end my life of happiness.

    The whole article about boycotting Valentines day is great. I hate this holiday. It such a scam. Wal-Mart has two damn isles devoted to this holiday.

    Last years valentines day with my now ex-girlfriend was a disaster. I spent damn good money on flowers that died within a week, a gift, a nice dinner, and a romantic card with something special written inside by yours truly (and yes, I wrote it myself!). In the end, I got the short end of the stick.

    It seems like as a single guy, everywhere I go, I’m reminded of the fact that I am single. This evening, Dr. Neil Clark was on TV advertising and telling me that I need to “log on” to his site to take his free 8-million point personality test. Where the hell did this guy come from? I mean, one day, this man just appeared out of thin air and was on TV promoting his dating website.

    So where did he come from? The answer is simple: A freak genetic engineering accident. Check out my startling scientific results: Orvill Redenbacher + Don Knotts = Neil Clark.

    The whole fact that women wish that guys would blow all their entire paycheck on them is just pissing guys off around the world. They need to be happy with a card, and a simple gift. And give us a break the next time we forget to put the toilet seat back down.

    Again, thank you so much for the great site. I am forwarding this site to all my friends that have had it with dating and guys who are unhappily married (including my mom and dad).

  3. Khankrumthebulgar on February 6th, 2007 8:28 am

    I will embrace Valentine’s Day with Enthusiasm when Steak and B******b Day is celebrated equally by the “Fair s*x”. The average expenditure for women in the US is nearing $400 and the males less than $40. This is what women think of as equality. Nuts to that garbage. This is being heavily promoted by Merchants, Jewelers, Florists, Gift Card Companies, The Confectionary Industry etc. Of course the Restaurant Industry loves it. Men dispise it, as it is Legal p**********n. Don’t give enough… you sleep on the couch. And your needs? Are an afterthought.

  4. Amanda on February 6th, 2007 11:29 am

    Well, i came across this article and absolutely agree with it…however, I am female…..I dread this Valentines day because I was recently divorced last April….now this day used to be my most favorite day ever…not because I received jewelery, or anything…for that matter, I would always go purchase gifts…take HIM out to dinner or make him a dinner and a very special dessert that included me afterwards…he had no complaints ever…it was always “i’m sorry that i didn’t get you anything” and I always responded that it was okay…17 years of this…17 years…..I kissed HIS a*s…..I also babied my two chidren on this day as well (more than usual it was like another Christmas)…so live and learn gentleman…i really don’t blame you at all…i guess I either didn’t deserve anything…or he just wasn’t “into it”….oh well…as far as I’m concerned f**k VALENTINES DAY AND EVERYTHING THAT GOES WITH IT!!!!!!

  5. pmydkm01 (A Female) on February 6th, 2007 4:48 pm

    Bah. Valentines’ Day. I just like buying candy for myself. (Don’t tell the dentist!)

    Being single rocks. (I don’t watch much TV either, so no stupid commercials for me!)

  6. James P on February 8th, 2007 7:59 am

    Holy cow, why do women always feel the need to chime in with the “i’m not like that” response?

    Of course, you’re not like that. You don’t understand what is being said here and invidual actions don’t make up for the failure of the SYSTEM.

    So to put it succinctly, most men reading this could give two s***s about your personal anecdotes about how you aren’t like that when we know that you are entitled to be like that due to the corruption in our government, family courts and culture.

  7. Taras on February 15th, 2007 6:55 pm

    I have the same thing to say about Valentine’s Day that I do about Christmas, Bah Humbug! Both are so shamelessly commercialized, the real meaning and spirit of these days has been lost forever. Taking your lady out for a nice dinner and a movie yes, but buying her diamonds every year? No way! The companies Gemisis and Apollo are a man’s and his wallet’s best friend. Gem quality, man-made diamonds that can only be spotted by an expert or a special machine are here, now. Imagine, a yellow 5 carat diamond made to order, LOL…….then telling her, it did not form 200 miles down inside the Earth’s mantle, it came from a lab and was made to order, right down to the exact color. As for our culture and government, they’re done for. They’re in a death dive from which there will be no recovery, it’s just a matter of time before our society collapses and another one takes it’s place.

  8. Bruce on February 21st, 2007 12:02 pm

    I have been married to my Mexican wife for over 30 years. When we married, there was no engagement ring, and she bought her own wedding ring.

    It was a second marriage. She ordered a nice floor length dress from J.C.Penney’s. When it came, it had a bad seam. She didn’t have time to exchange it, so she tacked that seam, and we got married.

    After the wedding, she concluded she didn’t want to keep a dress that was defective. And, she didn’t want to exchange it and keep a dress she didn’t wear to get married in.

    So, she sent the dress back and got her money back. Hey, this really happened. I’m not making it up.

    On Valentine’s day, we do a hat trick of some sort. The best things in life are free.

    Sorry to rub it in, guys. But, foreign wives are the best, if you are smarter than a rock.

  9. truthseeker on March 13th, 2007 11:55 pm

    I totally agree with everything the article says about Valentine’s Day. But you left something out: I have a friend who takes emergency calls (Police, Ambulance, Fire Service) who tells me something else about Valentine’s Day. It has the second highest number of domestic disputes of any day of the year, after December 25th. Bitter, angry rows, bust-ups, fights, the occasional stabbing… it’s a c**p holiday as it is and the sooner we ban commercial use of it the better, as far as I’m concerned.

  10. Jim on June 1st, 2007 6:44 am

    Help! My wife has put our 1st year wedding Anniversary plans on hold to spend time with co-workers instead. She always finds her co-workers are more important than me – even when she goes away on buisness trips, she wont bother to take my calls or return them?

    I am constantly taking a back seat to her Professional co-workers. Thats all she ever talks about. I even found a picture with her and a male co-worker cheek to cheek at some buisness trip that her female boss had in her personal pictures. When I saw this picture and asked who this close friend was, her response was quite irritated “I am just a friendly outgoing person and that is how I express myself, what is the big deal”

    Should I feel that these co-workers are better than me!

    She just doesnt get it when I question her on these issues.

    I Give Up!

  11. DigitalPsyche on July 3rd, 2007 7:23 am

    I treated my girlfriend to surprise gifts all the time, when I had the money.

    I did, however, not big a big fuss of Valentine’s Day this year. I actually made her a card, and did not buy a gift because I was too busy working.

    For Valentine’s Day, I received, from her, a 30G Ipod, a card, flowers, and no complaints. It was one of the most surprising and sweet presents I have eve received from a parter, because of the thought, and because it was completely unexpected.

    We’ve treated each other often, I would bring home flowers, alcohol, sweets, and she would do the same (I happen to like flowers). We both enjoy beer and wine. We both enjoy eating out. When we went on a quick getway to St. Augustine, FL, she paid for the rooms (we ended up staying an extra night)!

    She was unemployed for a while, during which time I took care of luxuries for her (our relationship had not moved towards cohabiting at that point). Now we do live together, I am unfortunately unemployed, and she is working.

    I find this site very interesting, with some valid viewpoints. I do feel, however, that reacting to what the “feminazi’s” are putting out in the same spirit as their attacks is not quite what is needed.

    Both my partner and I have previously been unhappily married. We attribute the positive state of our relationship together to learning more about ourselves and others from those experiences.

    Is it perfect? Far from it. It does take work, on both sides, which is ultimately what we need. Individuals need to take personal responsibility for happiness, regardless of s*x or gender, and if you can pursue those agendas with someone who’s lifestyle and personality compliments yours, and enriches it, then it’s a rare and beautiful thing.

    Men and women needs to stop pointing fingers at each other, to stop expecting and demanding “happiness” from each other. Truly treat others as you wish to be treated, but expect nothing.

    The Culture of Scapegoating needs to come to an end, in all aspects of life and society. I really wish it could happen, but thats the optimist within me.

  12. Curiepoint on September 12th, 2007 5:36 am


    The co-workers are not better than you. Only if you allow them or your non-wife to take that position will you be cast in that light. I say don’t let them do that to you.

    By what you say, I have to wonder why she agreed to marriage in the first place. She doesn’t give a c**p about you or how you feel, and it’s all about her feelings. In a committed relationship, it is not wrong to expect that one’s partner confer special consideration onto the other in a way that they do not with anyone else; any and all resistance to that is a pure indicator that one does not matter in the least. That is what is happening with you.

    I know you love her, but she clearly is more concerned about cheeking it up with other men than giving creedence to anything you might feel. Her boss is probably encouraging her in all of this, as it would hurt your marriage and the company can monopolize her time and energy without conscience.

    I’m sorry to say thus, dude…but be prepared to find out about her cheating on you with one of these sleaze-b***s. If your feelings can be cast aside without discussion or acknowledgement, she will have no compunction to really run roughshod over you. I suggest strongly that you give her an ultimatum to sit down and talk about all of this. If she refuses, tell her that she just made a huge mistake, and it will cost her dearly. Talk to a lawyer, and let her know that you are.

    Don’t let her do this to you. Assert yourself and defend your emotional well-being. You needn’t give up entirely on the marriage, but if you let things go the way they are, it will come to an end without your input. If it ends anyway, then make it a situation where you have equal control in the decision. Gather some support around you in the form of friends and family…it sounds like you’re gonna need them.

  13. Stephen on January 5th, 2008 2:53 pm

    Jim, force her to choose. The co-workers or you.If you bought a product that was defective then you would return it right? Well your relationship is defective and you need to fix it or toss it. I would never abide such shabby treatment. You deserve much better. I assure you that if you don’t stand up for yourself then she will happily wipe her muddy feet off on your face.

  14. TheManOnTheStreet on February 5th, 2008 6:04 am


    The only thing I would change with the above opinions is to seek legal council FIRST, then the ultimatum… That way, if she gives you the routine (we all know what that is), you are prepared.

    Sounds crass and defeating but shoot, look at where you are at now?

    Prayers my friend.

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