Texas Mother Attacks Two Sons With Knife

January 25, 2007

Police say a man who pulled over to help a bleeding 10-year-old boy by the roadside likely saved another boy’s life by intervening in a mother’s knife attack on her son. Robert Villarreal, 46, was departing San Antonio for Eagle Pass on Tuesday for his job as a U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer when he saw the 10-year-old covered in blood. The boy told the man his mother was stabbing his brother inside a nearby house. Villarreal instructed another motorist to call authorities while he followed the boy to the house. Villarreal said he entered the home’s back door to find the woman holding the 12-year-old boy’s neck with one hand and clutching a knife and a fork in the other. The kitchen floor was splattered with blood. “She was hysterical,” Villarreal said. “She said she was going to kill the little boy. She had already stabbed his brother and she was going to kill him.” Villarreal managed to wrestle the woman to the ground, separate... See More Tour Details »

His House, Her Home Filled With Garbage

January 25, 2007

Countless women have divorced a man for drinking too much and becoming abusive. And rightly so. No one likes a nasty lush. And especially if the lush refuses rehab and any help. Some have divorced over smaller issues, like snoring too loud or excessive flatulence. And honestly who knows if that is the real reason and not simply a trigger to some underlying event. We don’t know. However, in this case, Ed’s wife suffers from OCD and has filled their house of love with garbage. He hung in there for many years and has had enough. What caught my eye, are the women out there who post about him “humiliating” his wife by filming his house and posting it on the internet for the world to see. These women feel he is not doing enough and should be there forever through her illness, blah blah blah. I can’t wait to read all the email that will come in on this story, “How would you like it if you get cancer or some other serious illness and your wife dumps you?... See More Tour Details »

Send Your Wife To Wife School

January 21, 2007

Brothers, wouldn’t it truly be amazing if we could send the wives to wife school for improvement as opposed to a divorce? Here’s a video offering classes, like; The Importance of p***r Night, Two Shoes Are Plenty, and Who Cares what Oprah Says! Pop a Yoo-Hoo and dream with a us for a while. swfobject.embedSWF("", "vvq-112-googlevideo-1", "400", "326", "10", vvqexpressinstall, { "wmode": "opaque", "allowfullscreen": "true", "allowscriptaccess": "always", "fs": "true" }, vvqparams, vvqattributes);  Read More →

No Boobs, No Butt And No Morals

January 19, 2007

Wow, the world just keeps on manufacturing these conniving women. Unbelievable! The Daily Mail posted an article today titled: “I seduced my future husband to hide my love child. But I have no regrets” The Eternal Bachelor Duncan Idaho, sums it up the best! No tits, no arse and no morals This woman fell pregnant at 20 and because the father was a married man, she suckered another man into marrying her by telling him that the child was his. After the wedding she naturally continued doing the “beast with two backs” with her adulterous lover. Her own marriage ended and her former husband has no idea that “his” daughter is not actually his, and the daughter, now 18, only learned the truth a few years ago. And, naturally, being a Western Woman, she has no regrets. No regrets at all that a man out there still wrongly thinks a girl is his. No regrets that her daughter must have had a terrible shock a few years ago finding out her “dad”... See More Tour Details »

Gene Simmons on Double Standards And Hypocrisy

January 18, 2007

Gene Simmons of the rock band KISS, asks that men fully think about marriage instead of leaping into the dark. What one person does is up to them but he urges people to really understand the financial ramifications of what they are getting into. “Let’s face it, just because I stick out my tongue a lot and spit fire doesn’t mean I have any qualifications to advise anyone on relationship, money or career issues. I don’t. Yet I’ve lived with a beautiful woman for twenty years with never a cross word between us, in a relationship based on honesty and full disclosure. I’ve amassed a fortune-and `expert business people’ work for me. And for three decades I’ve been in KISS- a band that has scaled the heights and broken every possible record, from album sales to touring to merchandising and licensing.” [Gene Simmons Front Cover] This is good advice from a good book. The Staff here at are tickled pink to be reading it. We... See More Tour Details »