Double Standards, Hypocrisy And A Ball To The Head

December 28, 2006

double standards and hypocrisy.jpgSo the week went by pretty quick and it was time for my Saturday baseball game. I was loaded up on Yoo-Hoo as usual and it was my turn at the plate. After a count of 2 b***s and 0 strikes, the pitch came in hard and fast and beaned me right in the head. I collapsed and it was goodnight for me. As I wandered the universe while my brain was trying to return to its rightful spot in my skull, I remembered an article by Thomas Simon on Men’s Daily; Double Standards: Ever Wonder Why? Mr. Simon listed many double standards about women and the hypocrisy that we men face daily. Ten in particular stood out to me while I was unconscious.

10: Why does women’s health get much more attention when men die about seven years younger than women?

9: Why are women without a job considered to be exercising free choice but men without a job considered a bum?

8: If divorced women have it worse than divorced men, why do divorced men commit suicide eight or ten times as much as divorced women?

7: Why do men have to support women at the same standard of living following divorce when women don’t even have to cook and clean his new apartment?

6: Why do women have to prove they spent the money on the children when they collect welfare but don’t have to do the same when they collect child support?

5: Why is it legal for women to lie to men about who the father of a baby is to get child support, but a crime if she tells the same lie to the government to get Social Security or military benefits?

4: Why do men that don’t pay child support go to prison but nothing ever happens to women that don’t allow visitation?

3: Why do fathers have to pay the mother to take his children away from him in divorce?

2: If single mothers have it so bad, why do women initiate about eighty percent of divorces and routinely commit perjury to win custody?

1: Why do we pretend that men walk out on their wives and children when women initiate about eighty percent of divorces?

Yes, that is a fact. 80% of divorces are initiated by women. When this crossed my mind, I knew it was time to wake up and make something happen. I did just that. I stood up to everyone’s dismay. I thanked everyone around me and in the bleachers for their concern. I gave a finger to the pitcher on the mound. I then made a beeline for my Gremlin and headed home to write this post. I’ve never felt better.


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3 Responses to “Double Standards, Hypocrisy And A Ball To The Head”

  1. pmydkm01 (A Female) on February 4th, 2007 11:22 am

    True. The divorce laws need to be revamped a little. However, not every divorce is the same, and percentages are only a generalization of data collected.

  2. cherry_jujube2 (A Female) on February 4th, 2007 12:17 pm

    The divorce laws do need to be reformed a little, if only because of those women who use it to their advantage. They make me sick.

  3. obbop on March 8th, 2007 8:59 am

    The post office has a stamp referring to breast cancer.

    None for prostate cancer (a male only gland) and don’t expect to see one any time soon.

    There are more lives lost to prostate cancer than to breast cancer.

    Read elsewhere that for every federal dollar (our money taken from us by the threat of force) spent on breast cancer only one or two-cents is spent on prostate cancer research.

    Fight for female equality!!!!!!!

    Insist females have to sign up for the draft and be sentenced for the same length of time as males when convicted of the same crimes.

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