Feminism’s Affect On Women

December 17, 2006

angry women and feminismI’m inclined to believe that women just don’t understand us men. Women just can’t seem to understand that the only time smart men are willing to sign on the dotted line is when they’re young and horny, when they have no real assets to lose and before they really understand the principles of wealth creation (ie. early 20s). By the time smart men have a degree or two, a 401k and IRA, a house and a 6 figure income (or at least when they’re closing in on it) they’re not so keen to just give it away for yet another woman.

Then when the smart men hit their 30′s and their s*x drive drops (from being “yeah i’ll sign anything to get a bit” to “wait a minute, this means you get everything”); all of a sudden, life is under the control of the “big head” and women don’t seem perpelxed by us. Many women can’t seem to understand why we don’t act like horny teenagers anymore and these women refuse to accept that they have lost their power over us.

Brothers, in a special posting for, Christian J out of Australia writes and delivers a newsworthy article on the affect of Feminism on women. With his kind permission we proudly post.

Feminism’s Affect On Women by Christian J of What Men are saying about “Women”.

Once more my hat is off to you. You were right, again. Although, like most of my species, I will never fathom comprehension of the female mind – I have seen the dynamics that perpetuate the Feminist Movement. They are Petulance and Envy.One of my friends is married with 4 (yes, four!) children – 3 girls, 1 boy. The oldest girl will turn 16 soon, and the boy will be 15 on his next birthday. The phrase ‘Chalk and Cheese’ is one that springs instantly to mind. The girl is outgoing, gregarious, outwardly confident, doing well at school and socially adept. The boy is morose, withdrawn, not doing well academically, exhibiting all of the classic attention-seeking, alienated behavior patterns; and rumor tells me he is bullying younger children at school. I look around the household and wonder why the siblings should be so markedly different. The answer is of course, gender. The mechanism of this disparity is the one who loves them most – their mother.

Visiting one evening, the girl was discussing her exam options and, spurred on by her mother (“Don’t get married too early, darlin’!”), her plans for the future; her career, her house, her husband, her children – IN THAT ORDER! There seemed to be an almost maniacal glee in the mother as the girl outlined the next 20 years of her life, almost like a train timetable. It later dawned on me that the mother had been married in the mid-80′s, and had chosen the wife/mother option, owing to her lack of academic achievement and poor employment prospects locally. No surprise then that after 20 years of Feminist “you can have it all – all you have to do is go out and get it!” propaganda and brainwashing, punted out to her generation and beyond, that the mother is more than a little resentful of her current situation.

According to this mother, her husband is to blame for holding her back. The Feminist propaganda and brainwashing machine told her so. I wonder if that was what she considered as she trotted down the aisle to her future ‘hindrance’?
It became all too clear to me that, like many generations of men previously living out their thwarted sporting fantasies through their sons, that this mother was attempting to live out her “alternate life fantasies” through her daughter.

And, what of the future? For the boy; probably a life touched by delinquency, unless something happens fairly quickly to steer him away from that path. For the girl, following the current pattern, early success to further fuel her sense of entitlement; intelligent, outgoing, assertive, attractive twenty-something females (as if there’s a shortage of them!) have the world at their feet. Her easy tendency to lift her hands and fists, to anything male she takes umbrage with, bodes ill for boyfriends and spouses and any future children when “The Reality Crash” comes.

The Bridget Jones Future.

As she joins the ‘Bridget Jones Club’ in her late twenties and early thirties, and her biological clock deafens the neighborhood, her perfect man will still be what he always is, a Feminist illusion. So far, everything has fallen into her lap as the Feminist handbook predicted. The career is established and the house being paid for. Life is looking pretty good for the modern girl; she’s got it all!

Then one morning, she realizes that her looks are fading, the next generation of ‘bright, young-things’ are snapping at her heels and the ‘romantic opportunities’ she cast aside in favor of her career are not sitting around with their thumbs in a certain o*****e and their brains in neutral; waiting for her to change her mind! Perhaps, the hard reality of the situation will impact quickly and she will understand that human relationships are worked hard for, and earned – not a god-given right. The likelihood is that the 20 to 30-odd years of Feminist brainwashing will remain intact. It will never be her fault!

“Where are all the good men?” she will whine, as she stamps her little footie. As time passes, her search for Mr. Perfect – that wonderful physically perfect, caring and loving, intelligent and wealthy specimen of manhood that will keep her and her children in the style she would like to become accustomed to – will transform into the desperate search for Mr. Breathing-In-And-Out. Those ‘recreational’ s****l encounters, that she was in control of in her twenties, will become the out-of-control nightmares of her thirties, and beyond – each rejection tearing deeper and deeper into her inflated self-esteem and generating greater and greater resentment towards men ‘who only wanted her for one thing!’

Thus, her resentments are likely to create a self-fulfilling prophecy for her future relationships. It goes like this: If men are only out to use me, then I will be suspicious of men until one of them proves to me otherwise. The men, at the prospect of being treated like criminals by this woman for simply existing, will either shy away from, or drop out of the relationship fairly quickly. Thus, further reinforcing her resentments – and the vicious circle gets tighter and tighter.

The so-called, and much touted, historical ‘oppression’ of women by men will be brought into sharper focus and her perceived sense of ‘victim hood’ further stimulated. Once again the Feminist propaganda and brainwashing machine will pander to her now well-established misandric prejudice; absolving her of responsibility for her situation – blame the guys why don’t you? She may even find herself a Feminist therapist to help her deal with her depression; again reinforcing her resentments, pandering to her prejudices with constant ego-boosts – telling her that she has low self-esteem and that ‘all feelings (and, therefore, all behaviors) are valid’ and that she is entitled to feel the way that she does!! This also justifies her previous, and now future, behavior of doing whatever she wanted with scant regard for the feelings of others.

All too soon the window of reproductive opportunity closes, leaving a bitter lonely, resentful, man-hating woman to face a childless – and hence biological family-less future. She may meet a man seeking only companionship, however, her resentments and self-inflicted disappointments combined with her energies diverting into her career are likely to put paid to this fairly swiftly.

She may meet a man who already has children. She is, however, unlikely to relish the role of unpaid babysitter (to interfere with her career) – and further add to her other resentments – the fact she has no children of her own. It probably won’t last long!

In the end she discovers that she cannot cheat ‘Mother Nature’.

The Single Mother Future Alternatively, she may meet her ‘wayward, bad-boy, gorgeous hunk’ in her twenties and commit that most ridiculous of female errors, that she can “change him through marriage!”. They’ll make a fairy-tale couple, and the marriage will be exactly how it began, a totally unrealistic fairytale. When reality finally bites, many years later, and she admits to herself that the handsome, immature, philandering jerk she married is still an immature, philandering, jerk – and she hot foots it to the divorce court – the damage is already done.

She now faces a future with her children growing up without a father – and all the emotional, social and physical safety risks associated with that. The courts will give her custody of the children and the family home – after all the wastrel husband didn’t pay for it! As for the maintenance payments ordered by the courts, well, if he’d had a job he’d be able to pay! Her looks will be starting to fade, and she won’t be getting any younger! She will be carrying a truck-load of emotional baggage to dump onto either her offspring and/or potential boyfriend/spouse. Her career, which she put on hold, or curtailed, for the children, has stagnated; people will have been promoted over her; and the prospects don’t look good. Her standard of living will probably fall further, owing to increased costs as the children grow, and her stress levels will multiply manifold as she becomes not only primary career for her children, but also sole breadwinner.

Once again the Feminist propaganda and brainwashing machine will spring into life to support her. Her husband was a jerk, but, no matter, all men are jerks – you and the children are better off without him! The Feminist support groups and therapists will give her the ‘all feelings are valid’ nonsense (you know the rest!); and her lack of career success is down to the “Glass Ceiling” – she is being discriminated against by the patriarchal system that oppresses women like her (hallelujah, sisters!) Once again, it’s not her fault! She now makes the decision that her children need a real father, and the ordinary guys that slaved through their twenties to build a career structure and financial stability, although not as attractive as her ex-husband, suddenly become targets for her attention. She is then completely gob smacked, and deeply wounded, when these men want absolutely nothing to do with her, except perhaps for some ‘recreational’ s****l adventure – after all, why should they slave their guts out to be the dumping ground for her emotional baggage and a piggy-bank for her surly, snot-nosed brats? Faced with rejection – really, for the first time in her life; her resentments against men begin to grow and fester, the relationship expectations become self-fulfilling prophecies; once again, you know the rest.

The Feminists are again on hand to support and absolve her of responsibility for her crappy life, and help her to pass her prejudices of misandry onto her daughters, and also alienate her sons from society. The damaged adult produces damaged children, who grow into damaged adults, to produce damaged children. Then again, it wasn’t her fault; after all she was cheated of her ‘well deserved’ future by the patriarchal conspiracy, and her wastrel husband – conveniently forgetting that no one forced her to marry him! In the end she ends up with the worst of both worlds, and some very damaged children!!

Editor’s note: A fellow brother at the Don’t Get Married Forum named anarchiste sums it up best: “I would say that the greatest achievement of feminism has been to uncover the true nature of the human female. What we see now is the real nature of those creatures. Not a pretty sight to see, but how much better off we are now with that knowledge. And we are much better equipped now than we have ever been to deal with them.”


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13 Responses to “Feminism’s Affect On Women”

  1. Khankrumthebulgar on December 25th, 2006 9:04 am

    Terry Lynn Tersak wrote an Article that Kathleen Parker posted on Townhall entitled “Are We a Nation of Whores”? When Women are openly writing about how Feminism is turning previosly sane Women into Whores we have reached the bottom as far as our ethics and morals are concerned.

    That Divorce rates are a few percentage points higher in the Christian Community that the Public at large also points to the unrealistic and unreasonble ideals that American Women, even Christian Women have. The Churches in America who are the so called promoters of Morals of Hearth and Home. Have fully abdicated their mission and betrayed their Teachings. That Men are bailing on the Feminized Churches should come as no surprise.

    That Men are increasingly choosing to go offshore for Traditional Wives should be a huge sign that we are “Wheels Off”, I.E. dysfunctional as a society. We have sown the wind and have reaped the whirlwind.

  2. Shauna on January 30th, 2007 3:43 pm

    First of all, I don’t think of most women as “feminists”.

    I think of them as women who have taken on a warped sense of female machismo.

    If you look at the main “roles” that are available for males, they are all dysfunctional and lack strong actual males in society to emulate.

    Brad Pitt and other “hollywood hunks”? No thanks. He’s just a pretty-boy.

    Rappers? You mean the guys who advocate killing people for stupid
    reasons and have rampant egos/materialistic greed?

    Athletes? Athletes are being brought up for “scandals” all the time, and you hardly ever see big, household names come out of football, baseball, or basketball anymore. There is so much of a flood of people changing teams and moving around, it’s quite a problem to get a fix on any one “big star” to want to emulate.

    Most male gender roles have to do with a false sense of hypermasculinism that doesn’t exist in real life. Most males go through a period of intense loneliness and pain because they lack strong *REAL* male role-models to emulate and therefore resort back to a fake sense of masculine that is portrayed in WWF wrestling and other such shows/events.

    While female roles have been significantly lessened in effect and rigidity, male gender roles have continued to be largely the same (except perhaps the lessening on the taboo of “girly” or “emo” boys through the “counter culture” shown through certain new rock groups and stores like “Hot Topic”).

    Now look at female roles:

    Barbie and the like: s**y, and yet fake and sexless, materialistic, super self-absorbed. Her self worth is so packaged up in consumer culture, it’s sickening

    Mother: Even before girls have any concept of having a husband or s****l attraction, they are encouraged to become mommies, and raise a bunch of babies. The thousands of dolls out on the market and the play sets that depict fake households specifically marketed to young girls attest to this fact. However, even if the girl is taught how to be a mother to her children, she is not really taught much about being a wife to a husband beyond the superficials like “how was your day, honey” and the like.

    A girl is taught that her husband is basically financial support and will give her babies, not that her husband is going to be an actual person, and there will be s****l issues and personal relationship issues therein. Not very helpful, if you ask me.

    s**t/w***e: This is the “bad” girl, who has s*x with all kinds of men, and loves the attention and meaning it gives to her life. Men love her and hate her because they love the fact that they get her, but they hate the fact that others get to have her as well. She tends to be shallow, self-absorbed, and attractive to some extent (otherwise, how could she be an effective s**t?). Many girls who dress up like this do so to get a reaction; to deal with sexuality, as it’s not addressed in the above roles of mother or Barbie-esque person.

    In fact, proper sexuality and s****l displays are always flip-flopped. It’s good to be s**y as a woman (and not “get fat”) but it’s also WHORISH to be s**y. It’s good for a woman to be pure, but pure tends to be plain and “frumpy”, thereby killing half her femininity because femininity is considered to need “sexiness”.

    While these above roles have been changed around a lot because of the whole “women can do what men do too!”, it’s also given women this sense that they should take on the machismo role that men fall into; becoming sexists themselves.

    You know about the women who want MORE rights than men? The ones who want to “take advantage” of men and make them second class citizens?

    These women are the product of a culture where women are increasingly taking on the role of “hypermasculine woman.” While, as you can see, it’s pretty harmful to males to encompass this role, it’s even more noticeable when a woman does it, and it is both terrible and wrong.

    Instead of talking about how “bad” American women are as a group, it’s more important to see how our messed up ideals of gender roles, mixed in with puritanical gobble-de-gook and otherwise stagnated values as to what we should all be doing in our personal lives, and try to figure out what the heck we should do about it together.

    It’s not just women’s problems; it’s everyone’s problems. Walking around saying that women should be turned into doormats and submissive wife/s**t mixes is doing nothing for the reality of our country and our culture. If anything, you have proven on this website that doormats of any gender are not fun to be in a relationship with nor are they fun to be around at all.

    In the end, this issue is much more difficult than simply “blame it on the femnazis” or “blame it on X group over there”.

    We’re all part of this place together, and to deny any responsibility of the problems that we face are part of our American culture as a whole is not exactly helping.

    And personally, I think a lot of the problems therein are due to the liberalization of Christianity, and the fact that if you’re not a fundamentalist Christian, you shouldn’t really bother calling yourself as such. Christianity is, in effect, not a peaceful and loving religion, and to try and use it in a way to promote tolerance or equality of races/sexes is ridiculous. There are LITERAL PASSAGES in the bible that say that non Christians and women should be treated like subhumans. There are all kinds of passages that talk about destroying people who don’t believe if they won’t convert and manhandling other cultures into submission. It talks about everyone being pushed into thankless roles for the benefit of an unknown “plan” by an uninvolved Creator, and it talks about how everyone should be mostly unhappy, because the more unhappy you are, the better Christian you are, and the most unhappy that you make anyone who opposes Christianity, the more likely you are to go to Heaven.

    But remember, the more you destroy the freedom of others to choose their actions and roles in life, the more you trap yourself in similarly unfulfilling roles.

  3. Lisa on March 7th, 2007 5:33 pm

    I am a woman in her early thirties, now single, have two fantastic daughters (no sons ..thank god..haha!!) and whilst reading this, I could not help but chuckle to myself. I seriously believe this guy has wrote a lot of truth.

    I feel my mother has tried to live her own unsuccessful life through me, I’ve had all the “You need to get a career first, forget men, they’re not worth it!” blah blah blah! It’s all a load of tosh! My Mum has not succeeded in her quest, however I think there are a lot of mothers out there, that have.

    Women are sometimes failing as they are trying to do everything (Jack of all trades, master of none!) and I feel that the men get alot of c**p because of it. We’re unhappy with our own failures and we take it out on them. I have however, got to fight the corner where my ‘sisters’ are concerned. I for one, don’t care for money and what a man has in his **** pocket! I feel that many women are now seriously realizing (through their own mothers’ mistakes) that its a blessing to be ‘just’ a mother, lover and a friend and that the most simple and best things in life are free!

  4. Blastkist on August 18th, 2007 7:45 am

    Who, honestly….listens to their parents?

  5. Blastkist on August 18th, 2007 7:48 am

    I suppose dad could “step up to the plate” for his “delinquent” son, no?

    Ahhhhh….but that’s a whole other issue, isn’t it? Let mom do all the work and let mom take alllll the responsibility for how her kids turn out.

    Peh…this is a created bias on a personal issue.

  6. A Woman on October 14th, 2007 4:41 pm

    Feminism is evil. Men and women need to overcome this evil with good in two important ways: 1) get back to our biological masculinity and femininity; and 2) make wiser choices for romantic/marriage partners.

  7. Nick on October 28th, 2007 1:33 am

    Thank you Christian J for the fine post.

    You just described my ex-wife, who 10 years after our divorce (at her insistence) has yet to meet a satisfactory man or have any children. Raised as a “princess” and bent on a professional career, no man was good enough. It was the same story with her first husband, who lasted just a little longer than I did. She’s in her mid-40′s now. Plenty of education, money, and travel experience, but no family and no prospects–living alone in a white condo-box with her cats. One of the most selfish people I’ve ever met.

    With my eyes now open, there’s no way in hell I would marry or even date a typical Western women from the US, Canada, Australia, Scandinavia, etc. I’m not saying they are all bad, but the risk of a miserable outcome is just too high.

    In contrast, my girlfriend, born and raised in Mexico, is delightful and compassionate. After seven years, there’s never been a real argument, and we still hold hands walking down the street. For me, traditional women that have not been poisoned by feminism and media influences are the only way to go. For you younger guys out there, all I have to say is forget about these selfish gringas, just walk away, you can do MUCH better elsewhere, such as Mexico or Latin America. Good luck!

  8. Anarchiste on November 11th, 2007 1:30 pm

    Nice thoughts. but things have gone too far. We are “over the edge” now and there’s no backpedalling: our society is in free fall.
    The only solution I can see is to let things go to their logical end. And when the dust settles and this madness is over because hatred ran out of fuel, maybe we can pick up the scarce remains of civilization and try to rebuild a new one.
    In the meantime, try to enjoy life as much as you can and don’t worry about the future: the future is no longer ours to control. Que sera sera.

  9. Sharon on November 30th, 2007 6:34 am

    I think that guys like this have way to much time on their hands to sit and say all this c**p about women. Not all women are like what he describes. Just like, not all men are bad. However, guys like this (and the majority on this website) are acting like spoiled brats not getting their way. They need to grow up and start acting like mature adults instead of acting like whinny babies.

  10. Amy on January 14th, 2008 2:06 pm

    The problem is, as I have stated in some of my other posts, an unnatural imbalance. Though, who’s to blame? No one can truly say. It’s been going on too long. I for one hate most of society, but can I change how it affects my children? Barely, but I can do my best. As far as these stereotypes of women, they are very true! And I am proud to say that the cure for my experience is to find a healthy balance. Unfortunately the feminist movement has made it impossible for me to be completely traditional due to inflation and such. (women came into the work force, able to spend more money and drove the cost of living way up) Now, due to high living expenses I have to be able to contribute. No longer can you have the typical bread-winner father and the stay at home mother. You can no longer sufficiently support a family on one income. So the mothers go to work. They try to take on the role of mother, wife and career woman. Now, this is not impossible to do, but if you don’t know how to balance it just a bit, you wind up with one crabby a*s b***h. A woman who doesn’t have the capability to love her miserable man because she just doesn’t have the energy. Thus warping the view of what love is for the children.

    What I try to do is work, be a mom and a good girlfriend. I try to make sure that my sons see me show my man affection. (teach them women are supposed to love them, not just annoy them). I do the best I can with the house and such and my guy helps me. I don’t nag for it because that just doesn’t work. He knows that I will not take care of it all on my own because that is not fair weather or not I am a female. (you wouldn’t put up with it out of a roomate, now would you?) But, I do make a special effort at doing the “woman things” and taking care of him. A special effort to make his life easier so he feels loved and secure. Isn’t that what you are supposed to do for those you love? (he does it back too because if he didn’t I would be wasting my time and thus move on) I ask him to do the less gender specific, less complicated things just to help me along. And as far as being a mom…I try to teach my boys how to be balanced men. How to be tough yet sensitive. I tell them that if a guy hits them to pummel the s**t out of them, that if a girl hits him once to let her slide the first time but after that she’s fair game as well. I teach them to pick up after themselves because there is no use in being a slob. I teach them to strive for knowledge and that being happy is the number one goal in life. Yes, I do encourage them in sports, in video games, in school, but most of all in their peer settings. How to deal with other people. It’s best we concentrate on how we all get along instead of how we all get ahead of each other. That’s up to the individual drive I think.

  11. TheManOnTheStreet on February 5th, 2008 5:40 am

    Sharon said:
    “I think that guys like this have way to much time on their hands to sit and say all this **** about women. Not all women are like what he describes. Just like, not all men are bad. However, guys like this (and the majority on this website) are acting like spoiled brats not getting their way. They need to grow up and start acting like mature adults instead of acting like whinny babies.”

    Ah yes, women “can have it all” but we mere males are “spoiled”…. thanks for clarifying that for us..

  12. Sharon on February 21st, 2008 3:31 am

    I am not a feminist, but I am tired of hearing how men have it so bad. Life is not that great for women either. Life has it’s ups and downs for both sexes. Look with in yourself before blaming someone else for your inability to have a truly loving intimate relationship.

  13. James on January 13th, 2009 6:22 am

    LOL @Sharon, now you are simply displaying your lack of creativity, all of your posts have been described beautifully by this article

    so predicable and so boring…

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