The Smartest Man In Britain Today

December 7, 2006

Smartest Man in BritainThe smartest man in Britain today, hands down is one 30-year-old Duncan Idaho. Duncan is known as the “eternal bachelor” and a current participant in the marriage strike. Duncan has created an amazing blog that is uniting men and educating them on how to avoid the signing of the contract that damns these foolish boys to a life of eternal hell; never becoming the man they truly could be. Duncan’s blog does an amazing job at educating these guys who may be thinking of condemning themselves and truly alerts them about the lurking feminists who are nothing but a “bunch of whining hypocrites who damn well need a big collective punch in their hairy f**king faces,” as he so eloquently exclaims.

The staff here at had the privilege of spending a virtual day with the intelligent and witty Duncan courtesy of his amazing blog.

Duncan’s blog begins with, “Thanks to going to bed at 5:30AM after a relaxing night of surfing the Internet and watching porn, I slept in a little bit late this morning. It was actually the afternoon – 12:25PM to be exact – when I finally sat up in bed, yawning and scratching my big bachelor nuts. There’s no woman next to me to tell me to shift out of bed at 7:00AM and mow the f**king lawn. Admittedly I don’t have a woman in bed with me to have s*x with, but given that about 1-in-5 marriages are sexless and the rest involve s*x only on her terms (i.e. when you’ve just bought her a new dress) the chances are that many married men reading this have had to satisfy themselves like I do, with a quick meeting with Madam Palm and her Five Lovely Daughters. Except, as a bachelor, I can indulge in the pleasures of onanism in the living room without having to worry about some Nagmonster barging in and shrieking “OMG! WTF! You disgusting pervert!”

After a few relaxing cigs and some time playing with some computer games Duncan reflects on his meal.

“A nice big fry-up followed. Mmmm…sausages and bacon. Are women more likely to be vegetarians? I’ve heard they are. I’ve known guys who pitifully give up meat just because their ‘missus’ is a veggie. Meat is good. Meat is tasty! Yes, I know full well that an animal died to provide the juicy slabs of bacon on my toast this morning, and I salute that dead animal for its brave sacrifice in the service of providing nice breakfasts. I’ll salute its sacrifice again tomorrow when I fry and eat the b*****d’s other arse cheek.”

The evening goes on to be just as entertaining and stimulating and we hope you head over to the Eternal Bachelor Blog and join in the merriment. Be sure to read Duncan’s first post on how screwed up these feminazi’s are and the mangina men too. Duncan urges you to Stay single. The divorce laws mean a man is in a better legal position co-habiting or being unattached than being married. We’ve had over four-decades of feminists ranting on about how women are great, how women are so much more intelligent and capable than men, how women don’t need husbands, how marriage is merely domestic slavery, and how men are just so useless and worthless!”

“Fine. Fair enough ladies,” Duncan affirms. “You can damn well support yourselves, pay your own rent and bills and have a happy time living without us “useless men.” Oh, what’s that? Your biological clock is ticking? You don’t like careers after all? You’d rather just do a couple of hours of housework and watch daytime telly whilst some gullible man provides for you? Tough. It doesn’t work like that anymore. Women have discarded their obligation to do housework – fair enough – and now us men are discarding our obligation to provide for women.”

Right on my brother! A pint in your favor pal! Keep up the good work!


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2 Responses to “The Smartest Man In Britain Today”

  1. Ever C on December 27th, 2006 6:32 pm

    It is pleasureable to shag alone. After all why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.

  2. HAWKEYE on January 15th, 2007 3:39 pm

    i must agree there.duncan is a briliant writter ,is this a real pic of him i have often wonderd what he looks like

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