Mothers who kill ‘are just like you and me’

December 7, 2006

Up there in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, there was another situation that occurred Sunday night where a 30-year-old mother threw her 4 year old child off a bridge onto a busy highway killing him, and then committed suicide herself by jumping down also. Both died from being run-over by unknowing passerby cars.

A fellow brother named Kris on one of the Men’s forums has been following this story in great detail. “Last year a father did the same thing. He ultimately died, but his young son survived miraculously. In any case, the father in last years story was ‘fried’ in the newspapers for what he did, deservingly so we must add.

In the case of this recent story with the mother committing the murder and her own suicide, the publics’ response has been supportive and SICKENING!!!! At no time did anyone either in the paper or on the television say anything disparaging or untowards about this wacko b***h!!!!!! Aside from saying she committed ‘murder’ before killing herself, no ones saying anything about her.

Up until this evening, police were still trying to figure out what caused her to do this. They believe she was depressed, blah blah blah. In there investigation they found she was a single black mother with a young boy. She had just finished a degree at the University of Ottawa and had moved into her own apartment with the kid just 6 months ago. Everyone’s bummed as the way they were writing the stories yesterday, they were headed towards blaming a ‘man’ for her problems and depression. I guess that’s out the window now since she was independent and was not in an abusive relationship.”

We’ve attached the newspaper article from the National Newspaper. It covers the story about the situation from the perspective of a female psychologist. Kris almost ‘ralphed’ when he read the part about how “This wacko woman is just like you and me”.

What’s sad about the article below brothers is this…

“…Equal numbers of mothers and fathers killed their children in 2004, but the men’s tally included six step-fathers, while the women who killed were all biological mothers.”

Our brother dickthedog writes: “I’m nearly dumbstruck that this bit of info was included in the article. Grouping biological fathers with the thugs that are invited into the household by divorced mothers is a favored method of demonizing fathers.”

Our brother Kris updates us with; “Just to give you guys another update on the police investigation into this horrid crime;

The police have interviewed the father of the murdered boy. He is a lawyer practicing for a well-established law-firm in Downtown Toronto. He was never married to the mother; however, he has been supporting both her and his son since birth.

Yep, another fine example of a w***e that had it all, and still pissed it all away.

On another note, a television news-crew was interviewing some more of her relatives today. They interviewed her younger sister. They asked the sister ‘Why do you think she took the life of her son also?’ The idiot answered ‘She wanted to go to heaven or somewhere in the after-life and she wanted to take the little boy with her.’ Just brutal!!!!!! b***h just tried to justify killing the little boy also. Selfish like sin.”

Another Brother Porchops38 adds to the discussion: “It’s striking how when a woman kills people look for answers as to how this could have happened, but when a man kills, the only thing you hear is ‘fry the b*****d!’

I guess men are just held to higher standard whereas women are still viewed as weak, defenseless, stupid, moronic, asinine, retarded b*****s that cannot possibly be held responsible for their actions.”

Here’s the post.

Mothers who kill ‘are just like you and me’ Toronto case caps series of murders

Kelly Patrick National Post

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The woman who threw herself and her son off a Toronto highway overpass Sunday night is not an anomaly among child murderers.

While the Canadian public worries about perverted strangers or abusive fathers taking the lives of young children, it is biological mothers who are doing much of the killing. Women murder their children nearly as often as men; more often when the victims are under five years of age, according to experts on child killings, and to Statistics Canada data.

“A child under the age of five is at greatest risk of dying in a mother’s care,” says Cheryl Meyer, a psychologist at Wright State University in Ohio and co-author of Mothers Who Kill Their Children. “This is in part because under five, Mom is doing the majority of care. After age five, it evens out.”

On Sunday night, 30-year-old Andrea Johnson leapt to her death from an overpass on to Highway 401 at Morningside. Her son, Sulla Genua, 2, died alongside her.

Their deaths cap a year in which Toronto and the cities that encircle it have seen a string of mother-child murders, including the deaths in October of two Barrie girls caught up in their parents’ bitter custody feud.

In Canada, two of the best-known cases of infanticide include that of Shirley Turner, who in 2003 jumped into Newfoundland’s Conception Bay with her 13-month-old son, drowning them both, and that of Suzanne Killinger-Johnson, a Toronto psychotherapist who, in 2000, leapt in front of a subway train with her six-month-old son in her arms.

“If a mother kills it defies our gender expectations,” says Dr. Meyer.

Although nearly as many women as men murder their children, the sexes differ greatly in why and how they kill. Men tend to employ different methods. They bludgeon, stab or shoot. Women, on the other hand, lean towards less violent options of suffocating, drowning or poisoning — making the Toronto woman’s choice of throwing herself and her son off an overpass unusually violent.

“Women are almost more gentle,” says Rosemary Gartner, a professor at the University of Toronto’s Centre of Criminology.

When it comes to why mothers kill, Dr. Gartner said the perpetrators frequently suffer from mental illness, which she says is exacerbated by the fact that many are “young, unmarried, poor and socially isolated.”

Men, Dr. Gartner says, are likelier to kill their children as a way of striking out at their wives or intimate partners; the children’s mother is often killed in the bargain.

Dr. Meyer, the Ohio psychologist, has conducted most of her research on cases in the United States, but Canadian figures suggest a similar phenomenon of mother-child murders is also at work here.

In 2004, the most recent year for which figures are available, Statistics Canada found 37 children under the age of 12 were murdered nationwide. Of those, 27, or 73%, were killed by a parent or stepparent. Equal numbers of mothers and fathers killed their children in 2004, but the men’s tally included six stepfathers, while the women who killed were all biological mothers.

In one case, a mother and a stepfather were charged together for the same child’s death.

For the decade stretching from 1994 to 2004, Statistics Canada data show an average of 16 fathers, four stepfathers, 13 mothers and one stepmother per year killing one or more of their children.

In three of those years — 2004, 2003 and 1997 — biological mothers outpaced biological fathers.

For their 2001 book, Dr. Meyer and her co-author looked at every case in the United States between Jan. 1, 1990 and Dec. 31, 1999 in which a mother killed her child or children. They found more than 1,000 cases — an average of one every three days in the 1990s — yet Dr. Meyer said the public still clings to the pleasant fiction that mothers rarely kill.

Geoffrey McKee, a neuropsychology professor at the University of South Carolina, says that in cases of murder-suicide, the mother often deludes herself into thinking her actions are in her child’s best interest: “They see it as very altruistic. They may think, ‘Gee whiz, I don’t want to give the child the pain of growing up without a mother.’ ”

Dr. McKee’s most famous case involved a women he deemed a “psychotic-depressed mom.”

Before her trial, Dr. McKee evaluated Susan Smith, the South Carolina mother who in 1994 rolled a car containing her two young sons into a lake, then tried to blame a black man for kidnapping the children in a carjacking.

She was convicted and sentenced to life behind bars.

Other sensational mother-child murders include those committed by Andrea Yates, the Texas mother who methodically drowned five of her children in 2001, and Melissa Drexler, the New Jersey high school student who gave birth in a bathroom stall at her 1997 prom and threw the child in the trash.

But Dr. Meyer, who has interviewed 40 women who killed their children for an upcoming book, said spending time with them made her realize how similar they can be to ordinary mothers. “One thing we learned from these interviews — and this just ripped our hearts out — was that you walk in expecting this monster and they are just like you and me.” © National Post 2006

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4 Responses to “Mothers who kill ‘are just like you and me’”

  1. Tom on February 7th, 2007 10:17 am

    It is important to note that the mainstream media bends over backwards to “understand” and “explain” acts of murderous horror committed by middle-class women, but not those of middle-class men.

    Why? The mainstream media’s audience, the people the ads are aimed at, are middle-class women.

    When that crazy mom in Texas, Andrea Yates, drowned all her children, female media commentators talked themselves hoarse about how understandable it was that a mom with five kids could just “snap,” and how “we’ve all come close,” etc. She commits mass murder, and because she is a surrogate for the television audience, she pretty much gets a pass. But when a black man (or for that matter any man) commits heinous crimes, all the talk is about tougher penalties.

    So a woman who kills is “just like you and me,” but a man who kills is an animal who should be put down.

    It all goes back to who’s spending the money that rewards the advertisers that support the media outlets: middle-class women.

  2. steve on February 12th, 2007 12:36 am

    I don’t know if any of you remember but there was a story about this kid who murdered his girlfriend. Seems he was a millionaire from a disfiguring accident as a child and his face was messed up. Anyway, the white guy hooks up with a black girl and she is from a righteous religious family; so its said (I’ve met a lot of such righteous in my time). Anyway, they have a romance and voila- she ‘becomes’ pregnant (at least that was the story). The tv story defends this b***h by saying she approached her boyfriend about the pregnancy and he wanted her to have an abortion (he may have wanted that indeed). Anyway, she winds up dead and he goes to jail.

    As it turns out he did the deed but as it turns out also she ain’t pregnant. I’ll just bet she knew that she wasn’t pregnant but this righteous religious hypocrite saw the ‘deep pocket’ and what the hell, sins can be forgiven so what’s a little ha ha ‘white’ lie. The tv show didn’t even hint of that being a possibility and there was no sympathy for ‘a crime of passion’ like there probably would be for a woman especially with anything involving kids. All I can say is this is one screwed-up double standard society.

  3. Lucky on February 18th, 2007 6:43 am

    man commits crime does 10 times the time

    woman commits crime = mans fault for driving her to it…….

    today’s modern man is to moronic to understand this simple concept:

    Equal rights = Equal responsiblity

  4. Amanda on January 4th, 2008 6:31 pm

    Murder is murder. I don’t care what s*x you are.

    I agree with lucky that equal rights=equal responsibility…

    I don’t know that men do 10X the time for the same crime, I would need some facts or a reference to that effect, but men commit violent crimes much more than women do. That is a fact.

    If you want to complain about the criminal justice system being sexist, think about the women that were being violently abused by their male partners and ended up killing them in true SELF DEFENSE (I’m not talking the “I shot him while he was sleeping” c**p, but the “he was coming at me with a knife and I shot him”) and ended up in prison for life. Fair. No.

    Men kill their children too. Sometimes they r**e them as well. We are just shocked more when women do it and society tends to search for answers because women are supposed to be nurturing and protective of their children. Besides, they went through the trouble of carrying them in their womb, giving birth and raising them. There is (usually) a very strong bond as a result. We can’t seem to understand why they would do something like this. Men are more distant from the process and, as I said before, are violent more often than women. We (society) can make sense of this a little easier. That is why there is this perceived “double standard”. That’s all. Chill out.

    You guys have had the upper hand in this country since day 1, so I can understand why you feel like you have to defend that upper hand since we have started to level the playing field. Calm down, we aren’t trying to take over. You know we will never be able to. You will always be at least slightly “superior”….so don’t lose sleep over it.

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