Doormat of The Month For November 2006

November 30, 2006

Our doormat for the month of November was spotted over at A great site to really lift your spirits. That’s right guys, the kind hearted staff here at will dive into the deep bowels of despair to bring you newsworthy items. And the charge is absolutely nothing. This month’s doormat is Jacob of California. Jacob laments… “After a big fight, my old lady moved out. We had lived together for 8 1/2 years. About two weeks later my public storage shed was broken into. Everything was taken, including $10,000 cash that I kept there. No other storage shed was broken into, just mine. Only two people even knew I had a storage shed, me and my old lady. She must have thought that I would kill her if I found her because a few days later I was raided by the police for possession for sales of pot. According to the police report, she told them that in the 8 1/2 years we had lived together, I had made my living selling pot. I ended up... See More Tour Details »

13 Ways A Wife Can Please Her Husband

November 29, 2006

Gentlemen, before you consider dumping your wives, it is very important that you give them one last chance to straighten up before you ship them out. We certainly do not want you to leave a bad impression with your soon to be ex-wife’s side of the family, nor do we want her friends to speak ill of you either. So how about some good advice from an obediant and respectful Christian lady named Annie Angel. Annie has listed over a dozen saving graces your wife could do, to win your good humor back. Simply visit her site and print her list and leave it for your wife on the dirty stove. Chances are when you return, not only will you have a clean stove, but you will enjoy a healthy resurrection of your marriage; and your friends here at will be nothing but a fond memory wishing you well at your second chance for happiness. To be a good wife ladies, Ms. Angel suggests that you awaken before your husband and make sure “you are showered and dressed with your hair... See More Tour Details »

Afraid to Commit: Smart Young Men Want to Wait on Marriage

November 23, 2006

So the smart men of the world want kids, houses and lots of nookie. And they want women also; but not with marriage. Not until they’ve aged a bit. So says the latest study to probe the minds of America’s smart young men, aged 25 to 33. The study found 10 reasons why men won’t commit. Reasons ranging from the ease of finding s*x partners to the desire to avoid financial risks of divorce. The authors of the study, called The State of Our Unions, said they were puzzled by their findings, based on face-to-face group interviews with 60 heterosexual men in Chicago, Washington, D.C. New Jersey, and Houston. The majority of these men are employed full-time with reported annual incomes between $20,000 and $36,000. Most have had some college or hold a BA. None of the men were married; three had kids. The study also reached some additional conclusions. Among them: The men were highly critical of divorce. But they feel that couples should break up if they fall out of love, even... See More Tour Details »

Become The Alpha Male

November 10, 2006

How awesome would it be if all a guy had to do to turn into an Alpha Male was to pop a pill and voila the next day he’d wake up full of confidence and power to be king of his jungle. Sadly, there is no pill, but that doesn’t mean you’re forgotten. The gang here at has put together a quick checklist for you. - Short on time: The Alpha man has places to go, people to see. He does not have 3 hours for phone calls. He does not have the time to wait on a woman more than 15 minutes when she’s late. He does not have more than a minute to wait for her to talk to someone else on call waiting. (I hang up on women that leave me dangling on call waiting or hold. If that other call is so important, they can call the other person back. When was the last time you really had an “emergency” phone call?) - Self-interested, first and foremost: This is not to be confused with selfish, or self-centered. It only means that the Alpha Man’s life and his fun come first. If he doesn’t... See More Tour Details »

Fake Boobies, Twinkies, Yoo-hoo And The Girl From India

November 3, 2006

You got to love those big fake boobies of the American woman of the west. California women with their boob jobs, fake lips and their Louis Vuitton handbags amuse me. As these bold, vain and empowered women take their wimpy, doormat, dentist and doctor husbands to divorce court and virtually destroy their hubby’s manhood mentally and financially; I am reminded by what appears as the opposite extreme in another part of the world. In Hyderabad, India, an over zealous alpha male has been arrested and charged with assault for locking up his wife (no fake breasts here) in a room for three years and making her drink her own urine. He did this after she opposed him taking a second wife, the police said. Asha Begum, the wife of construction foreman Mohammed Shadulla, was chained and held captive in a room with no windows in their home. She had managed to escape when Shadulla accidentally left the door open after cleaning the room. The staff here at has offered to fly the... See More Tour Details »