Thoughts on the injustice done to males in our society

September 22, 2006

injustice to menIt’s time for a nice rant on the injustice done to the males in our society. One particular voice stood out to me while reading Men’s News Daily. Mr. Mirwalk was saying exactly what I was pondering myself this morning.

Do any of you find it strange that the genders have almost reversed themselves? Women are taught to be aggressive, domineering, choosing career and their own wants above all else. This supposedly as their right? Just what they claimed men did for all those years.

And men have been castrated. Told that their opinions didn’t matter. That they should be docile and grateful for the company of whatever woman befalls them? Then if the woman wants a divorce, the man has no say, and usually he is left destitute paying off the wife and without most of his valuable belongings? This of course is what women said was happening to them to most of an extent.

I hope with all of my heart that light finally shines down upon these issues and removes the injustice done to the males in our society. All we really need is one BIG court case that shows the VAWA and Affirmative Action and all the other laws that put women above us, are in fact, SEXIST and discriminate upon the citizen’s gender. Then one by one the laws could be torn down and some semblance of normalcy could be returned.

If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would purchase a chunk of National TV time and air a wakeup call to all those men out there who have been pushed around and stomped on.

I’d like to also take a survey of all the men out there.

1. When is the last time your wife showed appreciation to you for the work you do and the trouble you go through? (s*x doesn’t count otherwise women are nothing but prostitutes if they see s*x with their husbands as a job)

2. When is the last time you saw a father figure portrayed heroically?

3. When is the last time some bit of family law actually came across as fair and not extremely biased?

The only thing keeping the Men’s movement from bursting forth is that no attention is given to it. No charismatic leaders can stand up and voice opinions on national news. The Internet is slowly spreading the message, but some actual BIG NETWORK media coverage would go so much farther.

Great rant. What I wonder about is those men who are very well off and have been screwed by the system.

I’m talking about a super wealthy male, such as a movie star, say Bruce Willis, or someone who is visible but wealthy in another way, like Donald Trump? Someone so rich that no one can touch him. THESE dudes can afford all the legal and other protection that will be required. And they will forever have a BIG place in history. If a dude like this got some good advisors on how to use the media to keep the issues visible, and some lawyers to mount the legal challenges, I believe there would be legions of men who would become active and make their voices heard. Men would have some legal cover to challenge the Family Court system, hiring and promoting at work, s****l harrassment, and so on. Before long many legal firms would jump on in. I think a HUGE chain reaction would ensue.


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2 Responses to “Thoughts on the injustice done to males in our society”

  1. obbop on March 8th, 2007 8:48 am

    Where’s the outcry from the downtrodden females regarding the PROVEN double-standard when criminal sentences are handed down in the court room?

    Time after time, females receive a lesser sentence than males for the exact same crime!!!!

    How about the discrimination regarding males being required to register with the Selective Service system; also known as “the draft?” Where are the females demanding their equal rights there?

    Yah’ know, in the past only males were drafted. Today, even though females can enlist and be exposed to hostile fire, females are far outnumbered by injured males in regards to hostile fire in foreign lands.

    Where is the outrage???!!!!

    Until females have to register for the draft and face the enemy on par with males, I am unable to fathom why females should be entitled to vote.

    Along with equal rights should be equal responsibilities!!!

  2. (female reader) on August 14th, 2007 6:48 am

    Ok…you’re complaining about women who stay at home with kids & here you’re complaining about women going to work: “choosing career and their own wants above all else.”. Obviously, you just don’t like women you complain either way. wah…wah…wah.

Did you know there is someone right now in willing to cheat on their spouse to have fun with you?

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