Thoughts on the injustice done to males in our society

September 22, 2006

It’s time for a nice rant on the injustice done to the males in our society. One particular voice stood out to me while reading Men’s News Daily. Mr. Mirwalk was saying exactly what I was pondering myself this morning. Do any of you find it strange that the genders have almost reversed themselves? Women are taught to be aggressive, domineering, choosing career and their own wants above all else. This supposedly as their right? Just what they claimed men did for all those years. And men have been castrated. Told that their opinions didn’t matter. That they should be docile and grateful for the company of whatever woman befalls them? Then if the woman wants a divorce, the man has no say, and usually he is left destitute paying off the wife and without most of his valuable belongings? This of course is what women said was happening to them to most of an extent. I hope with all of my heart that light finally shines down upon these issues and removes the injustice done to the... See More Tour Details »

Marriage belongs on the junk heap

September 19, 2006

Marriage belongs on the junk heap of human folly says Laura Kipnis. Finally a book lambasting marriage is out and written by a woman! Laura Kipnis has written a brilliant book, Hopefully men everywhere will read this. The article from MSN’s Slate, in a piece titled “Beware the marriage trap” Meghan O’Rourke looks at the book, Against Love: A Polemic, by Laura Kipnis. The book’s message says, “matrimony is equal-opportunity oppressor.” “Marriage, she suggests, belongs on the junk heap of human folly. It is an equal-opportunity oppressor, trapping men and women in a life of drudgery, emotional anesthesia, and a tug-of-war struggle to balance vastly different needs. O’Rourke says THE NUMBERS seem to back up her thesis: Modern marriage doesn’t work for the majority of people. The [tag]rate of divorce[/tag] has roughly doubled since the 1960s. Half of all marriages end in divorce. And as sketchy as poll data can be, a recent Rutgers... See More Tour Details »

5 Reasons to Dump Your Wife Now

September 2, 2006

Good Old Doc Love posted 5 reasons to dump your date. I think these reasons are good enough for dumping your wife. Here’s the jest of What Doc has to say. 1) She’s not fun to be with: When you’re out with her, you just don’t seem to have fun. You find yourself working too hard to keep the conversation going. She doesn’t “get” your jokes. Dump her now! 2) She’s a nag and a complainer: She has no concept of how to stroke a man’s ego. Dump her now! 3) She has no integrity: You can’t count on her. She doesn’t keep her word. She’s consistently late all the time. She’s a pathological liar. Dump her now! 4) She’s inflexible: She doesn’t want to go to the beach because the wind might mess up her hairdo. She can’t cope with any kind of spontaneity. As far as she’s concerned, you’re the one who’s supposed to rearrange your plans to fit her needs. She won’t change her schedule... See More Tour Details »

Muslim Men Can now Dump Their Wives with Text Messaging

September 2, 2006

Things are getting easier now for the Muslim Men in the world. In Kuala Lumpur, Hamid Othman, adviser to Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has said that Muslim men can now send a short message via SMS to their wives freeing them of these horrible shackles of matrimony. Islamic law permits a man to divorce his wife by declaring “I divorce you” three times. Now if we can get Congress to Ok the same set of rules, we American Men would have it made, and could save a fortune without having to go to divorce court.  Read More →

Wife needs one-day marriage after drunken divorce

September 2, 2006

After chugging down several bottles of “Taj Mahal” and spending time reading, Ershad, a rickshaw puller in India, uttered the word “talaq,” or divorce, three times. That is a no-no in his country, but he gets a “yes-yes” from the staff here. Sadly when he woke up with his hangover, he had a change of heart. The trouble is, now his wife must get married to another man for one day, then get divorced from him in order to come back to Ershad. Seems Muslims are governed by special personal laws including marriage laws.  Read More →