A pathetic doormat with blood in his urine

August 29, 2006

I was curious today and wanted to see what I could find on Google if I did a search for ““. One site stood out, some pathetic dude on Anonyblog was upset at his wife and decided to post about his misery with his wife. What bugs me is how much you can clearly see how deep he is in being a doormat. I can’t believe he let her get away with this stuff. Here’s his pathetic cry to be heard:

“I am writing to kind of get it off my chest, and I guess it is like therapy too. No matter what I do, my wife complains or raises her expectations. Example, I was very sick for a week, when I should have been sick for about three weeks. I had a sinus infection, respitory infection, bronchitos, urinary tract infection and blood in my urine, I was sick. I got well as soon as possible without any aid from her. All week she was nasty with a bad attitude. She did not offer any help, such as a kleenex would have been nice. I start to get on my feet again, while taking care of my two children, bathing, feeding, dressing, etc. and she says leave her the f*** alone. You know, I can never be happy with this woman. It hurts me, she makes me very sad. I live alone.. thanks for the ear.”

So here he is… sad, and he is hurt of course. So he posts to the world. I don’t know about you, but if I had blood in my urine I would be freaking out. If I turned to my wife and asked her to help and she said leave her alone, I would easily grab my green duffle bag and head out for that new oasis and bliss of a single life. I’d get myself a copy of Brutal Divorce Tactics and then serve her with divorce papers and a brutal custody battle. Someone remind this dude that he is a man and it is time to start acting like a man.


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2 Responses to “A pathetic doormat with blood in his urine”

  1. Lin on April 3rd, 2007 12:53 am

    She sounds like a total psycho.

  2. JURO on April 13th, 2007 11:41 pm

    This is what happens when you worship P U S S Y.


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